The 2024 Ninja 7 Hybrid from Kawasaki is the first mass-produced durable hybrid motorbike ever. This release follows the unveiling of their brand-new A1 license-class electric bikes in Paris. The Ninja 7 HEV combines an internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electrical motor in an effort to provide you with an environmentally friendly driving experience while maintaining the iconic Ninja appearance.

A 451 cc parallel-twin engine with both manual and automatic gear selection powers the Ninja 7 Hybrid. Kawasaki uses a 48-volt battery pack and a 48-kilowatt (approximately 12 horsepower) traction motor in its electric models. This unique combination creates a robust hybrid system, a first in the world of mass-produced motorcycles. tremendous hybrid techniques combine the advantages of an ICE and an electric motor, providing tremendous performance and the capability to run solely on electricity thanks to their substantial battery capacity.

Additionally, Kawasaki claims that this bike delivers performance comparable to that of a 650–700 cc piece of machinery while maintaining fuel efficiency similar to a 250 cc bike. The bike manufacturer further claims that, while starting from a standstill, the Ninja 7 Hybrid’s quick acceleration can compete with that of a 1,000 cc supersport design. Riders will have the flexibility to choose between three driving modes: activity-hybrid, eco-hybrid, and electric vehicle (EV), each of which is tailored to a different set of driving circumstances.

Additionally, it will have an idling stop feature that turns the ICE off at a stop to save fuel and reduce pollution. When the vehicle is at a stop, the Automatic Start Situation Finder (ALPF) automatically selects the first gear, and a forward and reverse “stroll method” facilitates parking and manoeuvring at reduced speeds. The motorcycle has dual entry disc brakes, a monoshock setup in the back, and a telescopic fork up front in terms of its bicycle components.

Full-color TFT instrumentation on the instrument panel coupled with smartphone connectivity enhances the overall driving experience. However, this configuration appears to be virtually comparable to that seen on the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja e-1 and Z e-1.

Pricing details will be revealed closer to the debut date for the Ninja 7 Hybrid in the British Isles, which is set to begin in April 2024.