How is it to drive the least powerful production BMW M3 available today? Perhaps you’ll be amazed. As you may have read in our long-term conclusion, the 2022 BMW M3 we tested was excellent overall, providing a great deal of driving pleasure with very few problems. The sensation of sending 473 horsepower to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission more than made up for our minor complaints regarding the steering feel and fascia design.

In the video, we delve even further into the topic of driving, discussing how the inherent novelty of a manual transmission can elevate any time spent behind the wheel. We also discuss the hardships of winter living and the high cost (and low availability) of winter tyres. We also talk about the compliments we got on our M3 and the rapid wear on the rear tyres.


Perhaps we brought that on ourselves by aiming for a perfect score on the M3’s M Drift Analyzer (we only ever managed four and a half). We were prepared for the tyres to get worn, but the wear marks on the front brake callipers were unexpected. In the video, we investigate some of the possible explanations.

Overall, our M3 was a dependable vehicle that gobbled up highway miles with relish. There are undoubtedly faster and more powerful (and more expensive) variations, but our time with this Isle of Green M3 was the most enjoyable.

Carlos Lago has devoted his whole adult life to automobiles, from peddling them to putting them through their paces in testing. He is currently in charge of Car and Driver video’s imagination.