While often overlooked, tyres play an important part in making your everyday life safer. Proper tyre management and identifying when to replace tyres play a crucial part in this. Tyres are designed to expel moisture through the groves to help maintain optimal contact with the road, as tyres wear these groves tend to become shallower thus reducing their efficiency and increasing the chance of wheel slip over rough or wet surfaces. There are a number of ways to tell when it’s the right time to change tyres:


Tread depth:

All tyres come with a form of tread depth indicator; a small rubber bridge housed within the tread. When the tyre is new, this bridge sits within the tread but gets pushed towards the surface as the tyres wear. When it reaches the surface, it is generally the right time to swap out tyres with a new set.

Unequal wear:

While unequal tyre wear can be a result of something mechanical, it is best to have the tyres replaced as even with any issue rectified it will continue to wear unequally.

Cracked sidewalls:

The sidewall is a crucial part of the tyre structure and with constant use and abuse on pothole riddled use can show signs of wear. Cracks developing on the side walls are on such sign and its best the tyres are replaced soon as the cracks could lead to tyre failure.

Frequent Punctures:

If your car or motorcycle tyres are becoming prone to frequent punctures it would be a good time to invest in a new set. As tyres age, the rubber hardens which affects tyre durability thus making them prone to puncture more easily.

Should the time come to replace your car tyres, rather than just scrapping the old and buying new how about exchanging the old set for new and availing discounts? Car, SUV or two-wheeler, Apollo tyres offers a wide range of tyres across multiple sizes and even exchange benefits on your older units.

Swapping out your existing car tyres for a pair of Apollo Alnac 4G ahead of the new year will get you exchange discounts worth up to 2,000 while a new set of Apollo Aspires can save you up to Rs 3,000. SUV owners can pick up a new set of Aptera or Aptera Cross tyres based on their preference and avail of benefits up to Rs 3,000 on the brand-new set.

Motorcycle buyers too have a chance to benefit from these tyre exchanges. Swapping out your existing tyres for a new set of Tramplrs from Apollo’s premium range can save you up to Rs 225. Not wanting to spend on premium tyres, even Apollo’s general tyre range such as the Alpha H1 and S1, and ActiGrip F6/R6 can be had with saving of up to Rs 225 should you choose to exchange tyres.

If you are looking to swap out your car tyres approach your nearest Apollo Tyre dealer to avail of these benefits on your new set.

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