Delhi-based electric vehicle battery maker, Trontek, is planning to expand its portfolio to electric four-wheelers, however, at the moment, the company feels that the demand for electric two- and three-wheelers are much higher. In a special email interaction with car&bike, Samarth Kochar, CEO, Trontek said, “We are looking to expand our product portfolio and manufacture batteries for electric four-wheelers, as well. However, our priority right now is to meet the surging demand for electric two-wheeler and electric four-wheeler batteries in India.”

Kochar says that, right now, electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers make more sense for the Indian market as they are driving the clean mobility revolution in the country and have taken over the roads when it comes to last-mile connectivity. Talking about how the segment has expanded he said, “From commutation to delivery supply chain, these segments are low-hanging fruits spearheading EV transition and have come a long way from being a niche segment.”

Samarth Kochar, CEO, Trontek says electric two- and three-wheelers are driving the clean mobility revolution in the country.

Trontek has been manufacturing batteries for some popular electric two- and three-wheeler brands in India like – Okinawa, Benling, BGauss, Jitendra EV, YC Electric and Citylife e-rickshaw, to name a few. Additionally, the company also manufactures Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), which includes AC wall chargers, and Bharat AC and DC EV chargers, among others. Trontek also makes Lithium-Ion solar street light batteries, Lithium-Ion Phosphate Storage Batteries, Lithium-Ion Batteries for Material Handling Equipment

The company says that while the cells for the EV batteries are imported from China, from developing the BMS to post-sale service, it provides a wholesome service to its OEMs and vendors. Furthermore, while the company’s EV battery operations are currently limited to the Indian market, it has been supplying its range of Lithium solar products to vendors who export them to USA, Netherlands and a few European countries as well.

Trontek has been manufacturing batteries for some popular electric two- and three-wheeler brands in India.

Talking about the EV market and the company’s outlook said, “Keeping up with the major spike in EV demand now, we are amping up our production capability. Furthermore, the new battery standard amendments have led us to revisit manufacturing costs that is bound to have an impact on the industry. This year, we are targeting a minimum of 10% increase in the YoY growth numbers.”

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