A compact electrical vehicle concept known as the Kayoibako has been unveiled by Toyota and is slated to make its debut at the Japan Mobility Exhibit in 2023. The term “kayoibako” refers to the adaptable delivery containers used for the safe and efficient movement of components and items between services. According to the brand name, this idea is meant to meet the diverse needs of urban populations, smaller businesses, transportation companies, and previous-mile cargo shipping and delivery suppliers.

The interior of the Kayoibako concept and its flexibility to be customised to fit different usage scenarios make it unique. Its ‘ultra-expandable’ form, as described by Toyota, means the single-seat cabin may be modified for both business and personal purposes. Additionally, it can function as a component of “smart grids and other intelligent social systems” thanks to intelligent application integration.

For commercial use, Kayoibako provides solutions to address a variety of frequent issues. This car can enhance smart distribution tools for final-mile logistics by providing customization for low-volume transportation. The Kayoibako can also be customised to fulfil the needs of local communities, for as by adding seating to operate as a shuttle bus or adding item display cabinets to create a mobile shop.

The vehicle’s wheelbase is 2800 mm long, while the Kayoibako’s overall measurements are 3,990 mm long, 1,790 mm wide, and 1,855 mm high. Toyota provided very little information on the platform and powertrain’s sophisticated aspects, other than to say that it is a battery-electric, zero-emission vehicle. Later this month, a great deal more information will come to light.