Toyota is prepared to add a second Century vehicle to its lineup after 56 years. This person is just for Japan, but now that the Crown is on American soil, is it possible that we may daydream of a century for the United States?

This new Century will presumably be a crossover, like everything else these days, rather than a direct competitor to something like a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

On September 6 at 12:30 a.m. ET, watch the premiere.


Crown Prince Naruhito settled into a place with almost as much prestige before taking the Chrysanthemum Throne as Emperor of Japan in 2019: the back seat of a Toyota. That of a Toyota Century, which has long been compared to the Imperial household of Japan.

There have only been a few iterations of the hand-built, opulent, but highly reserved Century limousine since 1967. It is a piece of machinery with a long history. Now that Toyota is preparing an additional model in the flagship ultimate luxury vehicle class, that tradition appears destined to change.

Toyota’s chief branding officer Simon Humphries first alluded to it in a projected silhouette at the beginning of the Toyota Alphard minivan, and now the introduction of a Century SUV seems inevitable. The most recent teaser image shows a driver holding a crossover with the clean, squared-off appearance of the current Century sedan preparing to open its door while wearing white gloves.

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An Electrical Power Legacy

This is a portrait of the breed, so you can see why an SUV/crossover sporting the Century’s phoenix badge is a big idea. The first-generation Century, which debuted in 1967 as a large V-8 sedan, saw only the most basic upgrades for about 30 years. You might have been transported all over in a Century if you were the type of conservative Japanese CEO who banished the racing-obsessed Yutaka Katayama to the nascent U.S. market to sink or swim. Actually, no really, you would have been in a Nissan product, but the point is still valid. Although The Century wasn’t particularly showy, it nevertheless conveyed energy.

The second-generation Century largely resembled its predecessor but ditched the Toyota engineering mic during the bubble-economic scenario by becoming the sole generation V-12 car produced in Japan. They were firwhiff of a Rolls-Royce, built by properly educated takumi who hand-chamfer the body panels by feel alone, and featuring engineering from the team behind the Mk IV Supra Turbo.

Still Handmade, but Now Hybrid

The most recent Century model has a shared powertrain with the Lexus LS600h, a 5.-liter V-8 hybrid. As such, it seems a little less distinctive, but there is still a handcrafted character to the car, one that limits output to just 50 cars per month and availability exclusively in Japan. It goes without saying that the ready list is years long.

Sinking into the luxurious wool upholstery of a Century is a different kind of luxury because it breathes better than leather in the humid summers of Tokyo and doesn’t creak. The Century embraces a subtlety that isn’t often seen in today’s luxury market, unlike a showy Maybach or Bentley. Although Akio Toyoda ordered the construction of a GR variant with more overtly sporty modifications, this was still the exception to the rule.

What We Know Is So Important

Because it is barely after midnight in the United States on September 6, details about this new Century SUV have not yet leaked, but camouflaged prototypes have already been discovered by the Japanese magazine Automobile-Moby. According to rumours in Japanese magazines, the new Century will have the same drivetrain as the Toyota Grand Highlander, a model of which also serves as the foundation for the Alphard minivan.

That suggests a front-wheel-push architecture with a transverse-mounted engine, a competitive market in the upscale segment. Hybridization is plausible given the Century’s use as a chauffeured livery vehicle, and it’s likely that Toyota will be able to hide any commoner roots with generous helpings of handcrafted high quality.

Visiting This Page? Just Wishful Thinking?

The likelihood of a century on this aspect of the Pacific is likely much more fascinating. The Toyota Crown sedan is coming to North America The crossover sector is a safer bet, and the usa was an interesting development. The Grand Highlander-based TX from Lexus is on the way, but you can probably find room at the top for a premium Toyota crossover without the L label on the door.

Regardless of the situation, the enlargement of the Century range after nearly 60 years as the standard is, like Emperor Naruhito himself, a sign that some traditions are ready to change. There is currently a second-generation V-12 Century for sale on Carry a Trailer, and the auction will finish on 6 September. If these tremors continue to be limited to the Japanese market, you should not neglect to look at those international auctions for any 2nd-generation V-12 Centurys coming up for sale. Even if you are only on your way to get takeaway sushi, they are the perfect thing to make you feel like the emperor.