Telo, a startup company, asserts that it can fit all of the usefulness and functionality of a Toyota Tacoma into an electric pickup the size of a Mini Cooper SE by really adopting the packaging improvements that are allowed by skateboard models. Telo’s electric pickup is said to be the size of a Mini Cooper SE. Will Telo be successful in bringing this idea to market, considering that some of the core Tesla braintrust is behind it?


Because of a problem that has nothing at all to do with the hybrid or battery techniques, more than 125,000 Ford Maverick and Escape hybrids, in addition to the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEV, are being recalled. This recall also involves the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring PHEV. Failure of the engine in certain vehicles can result in the ignition of the vehicle and subsequent fires.

And a study conducted by the research firm Ipsos has found that interest in electric vehicles (EVs) may be on the decline. This may be partly due to misconceptions about the benefit of owning an EV, while the usual suspects of the amount of time required to recharge and the driving range remained significant on the list. In any case, it is a worrying trend because many automakers will eventually get started to increase production of their electric vehicles (EVs) in volume.