Drag racing is excellent for deserted airstrips. Old runways have proven to be great for drag racing because it involves vehicles, commonly two, battling side by facet to run a small straight race at highest pace. The greater part of these runways are at decommissioned aviation bases or historic airports that fell into usage soon after WWII. In this article are a number of abandoned airstrips that are now staying utilized for drag racing.

Gimli, Manitoba

The Winnipeg Sports Automobile Club held the inaugural drag race occasion on just one of the abandoned airstrips at RCAF Station Gimli in August 1972. Subsequent that, in 1973, this deserted airfield was specified exclusively for drag racing. In 1983, an Air Canada flight was forced to make an unexpected emergency landing on an abandoned airstrip in Gimli, which was then applied for drag racing. The aircraft evidently ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing.

Onawa, Iowa


Onawa, recognized for its casinos, is now web hosting drag racing at its deserted airport. According to the authorities, racing is extra than only a activity it is a competition that brings persons from all walks of lifetime alongside one another. They all consider aspect and rejoice in the triumph.

The Cholavoram or Sholavaram Airport


This airfield, situated near Chennai, is an deserted airstrip. It was formerly utilized by the Airforce during World War II. It was deserted soon after WWII and is now used as a drag racing airstrip. The Indian Army afterwards resurrected the abandoned airfield, which experienced been unlawfully seized by civilians. They then utilized the decommissioned airfield for surveillance and checking. The airfield was procured by the Government of India in 2020 in order to make a new airport less than the UDAAN strategy.

Lutong Airport


The Royal Dutch Shell owned this airport in the Borneo state of Sarawak. However, it was shut down, but the strip was utilized for drag racing until the deserted airstrip was considered unfit for more racing.

Cattaraugus County-Olean:


This New York spot repurposed its deserted airstrip for drag racing in 2018, considerably to the delight of locals and motorists. This drag race’s yearly functions day back to June and August of 2018. During the celebration, there were quite a few bright smiles, especially from associates of the Niagra Falls Car Club.

Onawa Airport, Iowa


The big open areas of the American Midwest are suitable for drag racing. That is what the Onawa municipal council reasoned for closing its airport because of to a absence of plane website traffic. Three yrs in the past, the venue was modified to keep drag racing, and they have not appeared back again since.

Lots of men and women get pleasure from drag races, and lots of deserted airstrips can still be used for these occasions because they are comparatively protected and fulfilling.