Lamborghini India is continuing to drive that tsunami of success, and they have just delivered the first Huracan Tecnica to a customer in Vishakhapatnam. The company has seen some excellent income figures over the course of the past number of months, and they have been riding that wave. The supercar is finished in a colour called Bianco Monocerus, which exudes class and sophistication.

The Huracan Tecnica comes standard with a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that is capable of producing 640 horsepower and 565 Newton-meters of torque.

The Lamborghini Dynamic Vehicle Integrata (LDVI) technique is utilised in the creation of the Huracan Tecnica. This technical advancement orchestrates and synchronises each and every component of the car’s dynamic behaviour. It also integrates many automotive approaches in order to deliver real-time feed-forward pre-command. The end result is a driving experience that is unsurpassed, with driving characteristics that are perfect.

The Huracan Tecnica boasts a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that generates 640 brake horse power and 565 newton-meters of torque. This engine is smaller than the hood. It is coupled to a 7-speed twin-clutch gearbox, which is responsible for transmitting power to the back wheels. The car has a distinctive Y-shaped graphic on the front fascia, a modified front bumper, hexagonal exhaust, and a mounted rear spoiler. In addition, the rear spoiler has been installed. In addition to that, the interior utilises a method of vertically stacked touchscreens for the infotainment system. This increase in capability results in a fantastic weight-to-power ratio of 2.15 kg for each bhp, which is a fantastic weight-to-power ratio. The Huracan Tecnica has such impressive performance capabilities that it can reach 100 kilometres per hour in under 3.2 seconds.

The front fascia of the vehicle has been modified, and it now sports a unique Y-shaped pattern. Additionally, the front bumper has been updated.

The Head of Lamborghini India, Sharad Agarwal, stated that “considering that its debut within the past twelve months, the Huracan Tecnica has created a great deal of excitement in India.” We are happy to hear that Indian clients like the products and services that Tecnica provides to the Huracan household.

The Lamborghini Tecnica was reintroduced to the Indian market by the Italian supercar manufacturer in August of this past year. The Tecnica occupies a position of compromise between the road-focused Huracan and the track-focused STO. When combined with particular suspension choices, rear-wheel quick steering, and increased brake cooling, the Tecnica’s lightweight layout, recalibrated LDVI system, and specially tuned driving modes offer a versatile automobile that performs on both the street and the track.