Over the course of more than a century, Mazda has built automobiles using a human-first design philosophy, which centres the vehicle around the driver to produce an integrated and organic synergy on any surface, from the open road to the race track. Mazda has an unrelenting focus on the future of design, engineering, and workmanship; as a result, the company’s contributions to the development of engines have enriched our experiences with automobiles.

Today, the all-new Mazda CX-90 marks another milestone in that unrelenting focus to enhancing every drive, extending the company’s tradition of invention and inventiveness farther into the future.


Putting Power Behind the Future

The CX-90 is equipped with not one but two brand-new e-Skyactiv® powertrains. These powertrains were designed simultaneously in parallel to one another so that their respective performance dynamics and driving experiences are preserved. The Mazda CX-90 is the company’s very first Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV), and it offers the excitement of electric-vehicle acceleration without the stress of worrying about the vehicle’s range running out. Using the suggested premium fuel while the engine is running results in the PHEV producing a total output of 323 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. The engine in the PHEV is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that is linked to an electric motor that produces 173 horsepower and a battery pack that contains 17.8 kWh. In approximately two hours, when using an AC charger of level 2, it is possible to obtain up to 80 percent of a full charge.



In addition to the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) option, Mazda will offer the CX-90 with the company’s very first inline six turbocharged engine, which will come with two different tuning options. The inline six is a configuration of an engine that is highly regarded by people who are passionate about the way a vehicle performs. It has traditionally been installed beneath the hoods of luxurious European sports sedans. The 280 horsepower and 322 lb-ft of torque are provided by the 3.3-liter inline-6 engine with standard output. If you use the premium fuel that’s recommended, the high-output version, which is Mazda’s most potent production engine to date, should be able to produce an amazing 340 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Because of the configuration of the multi-speed gearbox, a conventional torque converter is not required. Instead, a multi-plate wet clutch is utilised, which is a system that is preferred by high-end performance vehicles. This space-saving configuration offers acceleration that is both smooth and direct, while also contributing to an increase in the drivetrain’s overall efficiency.


Taking Pleasure (in One’s Driving)

The CX-90 may be an all-new flagship SUV, but because it’s a Mazda, it has the Miata’s spirit of unadulterated joy in the driver’s seat. This is despite the fact that the CX-90 is an all-new flagship SUV. Instead of needing a relationship that requires you to adapt to your surroundings, the Japanese carmaker places a high priority on forging a real connection between a car and its driver by designing vehicles around the human form. This approach allows for a more personalised driving experience. Mazda has so expertly refined the art of bottling up and repeating these joyous exchanges in each and every one of its cars, and the CX-90 is not lacking in any of that secret sauce.

Kinematic Posture Control (KPC), which made its debut on the MX-5 Miata and has since become an important component of Mazda’s performance profile, is included as standard equipment on the CX-90. This feature was first introduced to the public on the MX-5 Miata. This system makes use of onboard sensors and computers to continuously monitor the dynamics of the vehicle. When the driver applies more force than normal to the car, the system collaborates with the suspension and braking systems to help reduce the amount of body roll the vehicle experiences and to suppress lift in order to improve the vehicle’s grip and stability in turns. What is the result? A more planted rear end and faster turn-in behaviour are two much-loved traits that were once only seen in nimble sports cars. These characteristics, along with the comfortable ride quality of a premium SUV, are what makes this vehicle so desirable.


CX-90’s inline 6-cylinder and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrains share the same i-Activ AWD® platform, which is intended with a rear-wheel bias to give remarkably balanced and agile responsiveness for a wide-body, three-row SUV. This design draws influence once again from the roadster in the family tree. Because its competitors are primarily front-wheel-drive, the rear-wheel bias of this vehicle delivers an elevated driving experience that improves both the ride and handling qualities. Not only does the CX-90 arrive bearing plenty of sports car genetics, but it can also adapt to a range of weather forecasts and tough driving surfaces, merging the best of both worlds into one vehicle. Not only does the CX-90 come bearing plenty of sports car genetics, but it can also adapt to a variety of weather forecasts and challenging driving surfaces.² The i-Activ AWD® drivetrain is complimented by Mazda Intelligent Drive Select (Mi-Drive), which strengthens the feeling of control behind the wheel. This allows you to transfer your emphasis to embracing the delights of driving rather than worrying about the condition of the road under you, which frees up more mental space for you to enjoy the experience of being behind the wheel.

The CX-90’s systems collaborate with one another to produce exceptional balance, pinpoint control, and ultimately increased confidence in a wider variety of driving circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you call it witchcraft or wizardry; there’s no getting around the fact that Mazda’s trademark ability to connect a driver with their vehicle is nothing short of absolute enchantment.

An Approach That Is Active

There is a widespread misunderstanding that the engineering that goes into performance automobiles is just used for the purpose of “clipping the apex” on hairpin turns. However, the same engineering that enhances the driving feel of performance cars is also an essential component of driver safety. According to the safety philosophy of Mazda, establishing a personal connection to the act of driving helps lessen the danger elements that are present on the road.

However, there are other factors outside predictable driving behaviour that contribute to safety. The human being is at the centre of Mazda’s safety philosophy, which results in the development of essential safety measures that not only protect the safety of the individual driver but also the protection of other motorists on the road. This is precisely the reason why all CX-90 vehicles come equipped as standard with Mazda’s highly regarded suite of safety innovations known as i-Activsense® Safety. This system intuitively supports the driver by recognising possible risks and assisting in the prevention of collisions before they occur. The CX-90 will be equipped with a comprehensive suite of pre-collision and passive safety features, including as Smart Brake Support, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning System, Lane-keep Assist, and Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go. These features are expected to be available later this year.



Mazda is committed to establishing a deeper understanding of human functions in order to inform the technology that is built into the CX-90 to empower driver awareness. This understanding will go hand in hand with the CX-90’s robust array of safety assistance. When a driver presses the start button on the CX-90, they will immediately become aware of a plethora of features and conveniences that improve the quality of the cabin area and encourage a more intense sense of concentration when they are behind the wheel. Once activated, the Mazda Driver Personalization System in the CX-90 uses facial recognition software to determine the driver’s height and eyepoint in order to calculate the ideal driving position. It then adjusts the seating, steering wheel, Active Driving Display, and outside mirror positions in order to provide a highly customised experience before the vehicle is even driven away from the dealership.

The interior is organised around a full-color liquid-crystal display that is available in two sizes—10.3 inches or 12.3 inches—and brings a variety of information regarding the status of the vehicle, as well as the weather or messages, into clear view. The larger display comes with a 360° View Monitor with See-Through View technology that uses cameras to project the area around all four sides of the car, including a bird’s-eye view from above, onto the display. This monitor is an optional addition to the larger display and is only available with the See-Through View technology. When navigating past obstacles or into parking places with little room, this comes in really handy. The display is accompanied with physical buttons, which provide the user with a more tactile experience and add reassuring access to important information and entertainment menu options.

Indulging In Design

Beyond breakthroughs in powertrains, the magic of creating an unexplained feeling, or increased safety and technology, it is Mazda’s design innovation that pushes the Japanese automaker beyond the barriers it previously set for itself. Beyond that, it is the magic of designing an unexplainable emotion. Mazda is of the opinion that the emotional response that a person has towards a vehicle is equally as significant as the car’s technical response to the driver. After adopting a spare and contemporary aesthetic philosophy in recent years, which was rapidly adopted over the rest of the product line, the brand-new CX-90 represents the most recent and evolved iteration of Mazda’s design aesthetic.

The CX-90 makes its premiere in two dramatic colors—Artisan Red Premium and Rhodium White Premium—that produce an ever-evolving shape and a sense of motion, even when the vehicle is at a stop. These colours were developed utilising groundbreaking paint technology that resembles hand painting techniques. Underneath the gleam of its intricate colour treatments, the master artisans of Mazda’s Takumi division spent hundreds of hours hand-shaping life-size clay models in order to achieve the most dramatic impact possible by manipulating light and shadow. Mazda achieves designs that exude the passion of physical touch by striking the appropriate balance between utilising current technology and the warmth of human hands to arrive at designs. This is in contrast to the majority of automobile renderings, which are done using computer-aided design. When light strikes the CX-90, dynamic movement and reflections are created. These draw the viewer’s attention to the thicker body sides and majestic proportions of the rear, while the muscular dash-to-axle length of the front engine emphasises the longitudinally arrayed engine. Its spacious interior, which features an astonishing amount of cabin space as well as adequate area to accommodate cargo, is also an extension of its broad body.


Nappa leather, natural maple wood, and tone-on-tone materials in synthesis are featured inside of the CX-90 Inline 6 Turbo Signature model. The dashboard is covered in a fabric with a flecked, mélange-style pattern that is based on a traditional hand-weaving method from Japan known as Nishijin-ori. The upper and lower sections of the dashboard are joined together by hanging stitches, which are modelled after a method of hand bookbinding called Kakenui. This method generates design features out of empty space in the book. The CX-90 is an homage to both conventional Japanese aesthetics and Mazda’s strong heritage of design. It is inspired by the Zen values of simplicity, enclosure, and completion.


Using a Level 2 AC charger, the Mazda CX-90 PHEV can reach up to an 80% charge in just over an hour and a half. The following are the charging conditions that will be used for this claim: The meter’s state of charge (SOC) ranges from 20 percent to 80 percent. The temperature of the battery is at 25° C. The amount of time it takes to charge will change depending on the type of charger, the temperature, the state of the car and the battery, and other factors. The actual results may turn out differently. For further information, please refer to the Owner’s Manual that came with your vehicle.

Always exercise extreme caution behind the wheel, taking into account both the road and the weather. There is no such thing as a car or technology that has all-wheel drive that can handle every conceivable driving manoeuvre and circumstance.

The Mazda Driver Personalization System – Ideal Driving Position Assist is a driver-enabled tool that provides recommendations for how a driver should be sitting while behind the wheel. The driver is required to enter their height, and the Mazda Connect screen’s built-in camera will scan the middle point between the driver’s eyebrows to determine their height. The settings, such as the position of the driver’s seat, the angle of the outside mirrors, and the position of the steering wheel, are automatically adjusted. For further information, please refer to the Owner’s Manual that came with your vehicle.