We anticipate that Tesla will release a revised Model 3 later this year.

Internally, the redesigned Model 3 is known as Project Highland.

If this surveillance photo is any indication, the revised Model 3 appears to borrow design elements from the Roadster prototype.

It is no secret that Tesla is updating the Model 3 automobile. The redesigned entry-level electric sedan, known internally as Project Highland, is anticipated to arrive later this year, possibly as a late-arriving 2023 model (Tesla is notorious for ignoring model-year norms) or as a 2024.


Regardless, Tesla has generally concealed critical information regarding the Model 3’s revisions. Though we have yet to learn what hardware and software updates Tesla intends to make to the new Model 3, we now have our first look at the vehicle’s revised sheetmetal. At least, we believe that’s what we’re seeing in this photo that originated on Reddit and then made its way to Twitter.

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This alleged unmasked Model 3 prototype may ultimately turn out to be the work of a skilled Photoshop artist or a discarded design proposal for Project Highland, but whatever it is, its modified body lines match those of Model 3s observed in the wild with camouflage. Note the door crease that merges into the mudguard and connects to the side-mounted camera. It is a small feature absent from the current Model 3, but present on camouflaged Project Highland prototypes observed in the open.

According to the above image, the Model 3’s front end has undergone the most significant alterations. Large headlight bezels and an obviously angled front bumper cover are no longer present on the current automobile. In their place are slit-like headlamps and a front valance that is simpler and more upright. The resulting front-end design lends the Model 3 an appearance similar to the 2017 Roadster prototype.

In addition to a new wheel design, this image reveals little else. Until Tesla formally unveils the revised sedan, we’ll have to wait and see what improvements the electric vehicle manufacturer has made to the vehicle’s adaptive safety features, infotainment technology, and powertrain components.