The Volvo EX30 tiny crossover electric vehicle will not only be smaller than its predecessor. Volvo found out on Wednesday that the user interface will also be significantly streamlined and simplified.

Because the EX30 does not have its own unique gauge cluster, it will, like the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, consolidate all of its displays onto a single screen. On it, the pieces of information concerning velocity and charging concentrations will be among those near the primary, while navigation, media, and other controls will be down below, along with a “contextual bar” that will assist the driver in seeing important things.

The cabin and controls of the Volvo EX30

As if that doesn’t sound simple enough right now, the display screen will also show a “calm” watch that eliminates all information other than the most vital pieces of data—and helps with evening driving, according to Volvo. It made no mention of a second head-up display screen anywhere in its production.

The display method is based on Google, just like it is in previous models offered by the brand; however, Volvo claims that this model will be the first of its kind to offer wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity.

According to what it says, there will be less screens, which will give the impression of more space. Additionally, there will be a selection of four different interior design concepts, one of which will make use of recycled denim. A sliding centre console with a reduction tunnel will be included in the storage space, which will provide for additional space for items of a more compact size. There is a storage compartment that slides out for rear passengers.

A soundbar for the Harman Kardon audio system is one of the most notable features, as it stretches across the entire width of the area that is located underneath the windscreen and contains multiple speakers. This soundbar is one of the most notable aspects of the vehicle. According to Volvo, there is no requirement for entryway speakers, which clears up space for significantly greater storage space.

Volvo EX30 internal storage

The EX30 adheres to Volvo’s new nomenclature for SUVs, which was introduced with the next EX90 SUV and will continue with the EX30, which will be manufactured in the United States beginning the following year in spite of the most recent manufacturing delay. The EX30 will have a carbon footprint that is 25% lower than that of the C40 Recharge and the XC40 Recharge electric vehicles, according to Volvo. This decrease in lifecycle carbon emissions is accomplished through the use of enhanced recycled goods and renewable production energy.

Individual models have enhanced performance for 2024 in part because of a new Volvo-made and -designed rear motor technique. This procedure, together with a new emphasis on rear-wheel drive and, in some variations, current battery cells, are also responsible for the redesign. It has not stated what exactly drives the EX30, but a report suggests that there will be two battery pack options available internationally. These options include a 51-kilowatt-hour (kwh) LFP pack and a 69-kilowatt-hour (kwh) NMC pack.

In the past, Volvo has confirmed that this design will be completely unveiled on June 7 and that it would be destined for the United States. Furthermore, Volvo has also confirmed that reservations for the United States will be available on June 7 itself.