We have all grown up regarding the Maruti Gipsy as a well-known and vital component of the Indian Armed Forces. And as the fleet is gradually depleted, a small number of Gipsies appear to have designed a revival as EVs. At the Army Commanders Meeting in Delhi, the Indian Army Mobile displayed modified EV Gipsy vehicles. These previous Maruti Gipsies were converted to electric when the Indian Army Cell, IIT Delhi, and a startup called Tadpole Assignments arrived. The Army Commanders Convention (ACC) is the premier biannual event and institutional mechanism for conceptual-level deliberations that result in crucial policy decisions for the Indian Military.

According to the website of Tadpole Tasks, the startup is responsible for dismantling the vehicle’s engine and converting it into an electric vehicle. It was reported that it extends the life of the vehicle by seven years, provides a two-year warranty on the engine and a five- or three-year, extendable to five to seven years, warranty on the battery. The company was founded in 2020 by Jawad Khan.

The vehicle conversion procedure involves removing the engine, petrol tank, exhaust and other relevant components. The fittings include a PMS (Long lasting Magnetic Synchronisation) motor and an LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate) battery. The collaboration between the Indian Military, IIT-Delhi, and Tadpole projects exemplifies the potential for solutions to emerge when diverse sectors come together.