Toyota has released a teaser image of the back of the upcoming 2024 Toyota Tacoma, a midsize pickup vehicle.

The pickup’s return in TRD Pro form is hinted at in the teaser image.

The image also confirms rumours that a hybrid version of the next-gen Taco will be available from the manufacturer.

Soon, you can expect to see a brand-new Toyota Tacoma. Unfortunately, it won’t be here today. Toyota has decided to only provide a teaser image of its next-generation mid-size truck.

The photograph displays the tailboard and right rear taillight of the truck. The back bumper of the 2024 Tacoma makes a brief appearance as well. But what can we infer from this picture?

2024 Toyota Tacoma

Interestingly, the tailboard and taillight design of the next-gen Tacoma are strikingly similar to those of the full-size Tundra. The teaser’s back door reveals some information about the 2024 Tacoma’s available packages and engines.

For instance, the “TRD Pro” badge indicates the most off-road-capable model of the current Tacoma lineup will be brought back. The 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro, like the 2019 model, will stand out from the crowd with a suite of off-road enhancements. We predict that the new pickup will use Fox-branded shocks, have a plethora of underbody skid plates, and have better approach, breakover, and departure angles thanks to a suspension increase.

The iForce Max insignia affixed to the Tacoma’s lower right corner hints at a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain being used to generate power. Take note that Toyota substitutes iForce for Hybrid before the Max moniker.

Toyota calls the Crown sedan’s gasoline-electric powertrain it installs the “Hybrid Max,” despite the fact that it produces 340 horsepower. (It will also be installed in the next Grand Highlander, where it will produce 362 horsepower.)

Toyota’s first teaser for the 2018 Tacoma TRD Pro suggests it will be powered by the same six-cylinder hybrid engine as the Tundra, even though the four-cylinder Hybrid Max may be an option in lower Tacoma grades. The Tundra receives 437 hp from this arrangement, but the Tacoma is expected to receive fewer. When it comes to high-powered off-road focused mid-size trucks, the TRD Pro hybrid should give the upcoming Ford Ranger Raptor a run for its money.

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