Aehra, an Italian startup company, presented its second model, a sedan with an aerodynamic design, on Friday.

This electric vehicle, known simply as the Aehra sedan and presented at the 2023 Milan Motor Show, is the successor of the Aehra SUV, which was presented at the Milan Motor Show in November of last year. Aehra had previously claimed that production of the SUV will begin in 2025, with the Sedan following a year later; however, the company has recently stated that both kinds will arrive in 2026.

Filippo Perini, a former structure manager for Lamborghini who is now the chief structure officer of Aehra, was in charge of the construction of both the SUV and the Sedan for Aehra. In a press release issued by Aehra, it was said that the Sedan contains active aerodynamic aspects, and that it features carbon-fiber composite bodywork. However, the actual data for the drag coefficient were not given.
Aehra Sedan concept

Aehra also mentioned a 497-mile variant, which was most likely calculated using the WLTP screening cycle used in Europe. This leads one to believe that the Sedan’s range may be somewhat diminished if it is brought to North America and assessed by the EPA.

Aehra has stated that it plans to acquire its own system and is collaborating with Austria’s Miba Battery Methods on the development of battery hardware specifically suited to it. The young company has previously stated that it was considering prioritising performance and the ability to repair batteries over overall general performance.

The Aehra Sedan is designed to compete with other electrically powered luxury automobiles such as the Porsche Taycan and the Lucid Air. Each electric vehicle places an emphasis on performance, but does so while offering significantly varying levels of efficiency. The Lucid Air is capable of achieving a range of up to 516 miles from a single charge of its 112-kwh battery pack. However, Porsche has realised that it needs to get a somewhat greater variety out of the battery pack that it uses in the Taycan.
Aehra Sedan idea

And the premium makes aren’t the only ones putting an emphasis on aerodynamics. Volkswagen has announced that it would use this design philosophy for its upcoming ID.7 model, and the company brags that it has achieved a drag coefficient of only.23.

A production rollout for “vital marketplaces” such North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States is scheduled to begin for Aehra in the year 2026. However, as Lucid and other electric vehicle (EV) startups have shown, selling vehicles to customers can provide a young company with a significant competitive advantage. So it looks like we will just have to sit tight and watch how everything plays out.