The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander is bigger and ample than the regular Highlander, but it has further to offer than that. The Grand Highlander has three powertrain options, including an 362- hp mongrel setup from the Toyota Crownquasi-sedan. To ameliorate interior packaging and lift comfort versus the regular interpretation, the Grand Highlander features a redesigned hinder suspense.

Toyota will have to forgive folks who suppose the recently introduced Grand Highlander is simply an XL interpretation of the regular Highlander. The new entry goes beyond just being bigger, but size- grounded hypotheticals are bound to be when an adjective like grand is flumped into a popular nameplate — and the Highlander has proved enough popular. Making the Highlander More Popular Over the once two times, Toyota has vended nearly,000 Highlanders, making the three- rowmid-sizer its alternate- best- dealing SUV in theU.S. behind only the compact RAV4. still, the brand believes there is further meat on the bone, so it’s introducing the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander to sate guests who crave a big innards without an exorbitantly big body.

principally, Toyota expects the Grand Highlander to fill the space between the full- size Sequoia and the regular Highlander. Dimensionally, it does just that. At201.4 elevation frontal to back, the Grand Highlander is6.5 elevation longer than its lower stock and roughly 7 elevation shorter than the Sequoia. The Grand also stands 2 elevation high and spans2.3 elevation wider than the regular Highlander. With about 116 elevation between its axles, the bigger Highlander’s wheelbase is roughly 4 elevation longer than its counterpart. Obviously, the Grand Highlander’s increased surface proportions restate to a ample innards, particularly in the weight area and third row.

Compared with the regular Highlander, the Grand’s bottommost row earnings5.5 elevation of legroom(33.5 versus 28 elevation). There is also an redundant inch of headroom and over 2 elevation of fresh shoulder space. This 5′ 10″ author sat in the enlarged third row and set up it to be authentically comfortable, indeed with the alternate- row captain’s chairpersons slid all the way back. It’s also nice that Toyota includes a USB- C harborage and binary cupholders for outboard passengers back there. Unlike the regular Highlander, the Grand offers voiced alternate- row captain’s chairpersons, but only on the top- spec Platinum trim. The XLE and Limited are the only other models; both are available with a alternate- row bench seat that unlocks an redundant spot for an eighth passenger.

2024 toyota grand highlander




2024 toyota grand highlander




With either seven or eight people onboard, the Grand Highlander boasts 21 boxy bases of weight volume behind its third row( five further than the lower interpretation). Stowing the seats in the back two rows opens up 98 cells of storehouse space, which is 14 further than the regular Highlander. Grand Gets further than a Bigger Body The Grand Highlander is erected on the same TNGA- K platform that underpins the regular Highlander. Of course, Toyota did further than just stretch its proportions. We are told the Grand’s structure is more rigid overall due to redundant spot welds and fresh bonds, which are also anticipated to help reduce noise, vibration, and harshness situations.
Along with bettered NVH, the Grand Highlander’s interior packaging and lift comfort are said to profit from a redesigned hinder suspense. Toyota says structural changes to the multilink setup on the bigger Highlander were designed to maximize the space in the third row and weight area as well as make the lift more comfortable. Arguably the biggest difference between the two Highlanders is the Grand’s exclusive mongrel powertrain( dubbed” Hybrid Max”) that is manipulated from Toyota’squasi-sedan, the high- riding Crown. While it’s retuned for use in the Grand Highlander — videlicet to support its 5000- pound maximum towing capacity — the mongrel setup is else said to be analogous. Toyota hasn’t released numerous specialized specs about the Grand Highlander’s Hybrid Max powertrain, except that it makes 362 power and 400 pound- bases of necklace.
One of them simply powers the hinder axle( performing in all- wheel drive), and the other goes between the gas machine and six- speed automatic transmission. Multiple Powertrains and Mature Looks As with the regular Highlander, the Grand is available with a gas-only turbo four and a less important mongrel option, giving guests a aggregate of three choices. Toyota hasn’t released labors for either powertrain, but we are told both are basically the same — besides the obligatory tuning changes, of course. In the lower Highlander, that means a 265- hp turbocharged2.4- liter four- pot with an eight- speed automatic and a2.5- liter four- cylinder with a CVT and two electric motors that combine for 243 hp.
Toyota estimates the ultimate will earn up to 34 mpg combined. Both powertrains are available with frontal- or each- wheel drive on the Grand. While the regular Highlander has a rather distinctive look with prominent side surfacing, we suppose the Grand appears more mature. It has a boxier profile that is commanded by an assertive mug — and people say BMW’s nettings are large? The rest of the design is needful of utmost ultramodern SUVs a high beltline, lower body cladding, and available 20- inch bus. Inside, the Grand Highlander Platinum we saw first- hand gave off Lexus vibes with its seductive accoutrements and soft- touch shells. While only the top- of- the- line trim has a digital rearview glass and a head- up display, it shares a12.3- inch digital hand cluster with the pealed- below Limited.
Both trims also have standard leather- trimmed upholstery, a heated steering wheel, hotted and voiced frontal seats, and hotted hinder seats. All three of the Grand Highlander’s trims have a crisp12.3- inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. They all have a big center press with a wireless charging pad below the physical controls for the HVAC unit. We also appreciate the sliding cover for the large center- press caddy, which Toyota says is big enough to hold a tablet. As is the case with all Toyotas, every Grand Highlander has a host of standard motorist- backing technology that includes adaptive voyage control, automated exigency retardation, lane- keeping help, and indeed eyeless- spot monitoring with hindercross-traffic alert. 
Toyota has yet to say how important the 2023 Grand Highlander will bring or when it’ll go on trade. Those details are anticipated to be blazoned eventually the comingmonths.However, we would anticipate the new XL interpretation to range nearly between$ 43K and$ 56K, If we had to guess. That would make it a little dear than the regular Highlander, but do not forget the Grand is further than just a size up. This content is imported from bean. You may be suitable to find the same content in another format, or you may be suitable to find further information, at their web point.