The $2K red paint option has been replaced with a $3000 Ultra Red paint option for the 2023 Tesla Model S and Model X.
Together with the new glass roof, both Teslas now include the same UV protection but are reported to weigh less and let in more light.
In addition to fresh brake pads with a better thermal capacity than the previous ones, plaid versions still lack the carbon-ceramic kit that Tesla had promised.

People will have to fork over $3000 to get the nicest red paint on a 2023 Tesla Model S or Model X. On Tesla’s two largest models, the new Ultra Red paint option costs that much.

The $2000 Red Multi-Coat option, which is still offered on the Model 3 and Model Y, is replaced with the new red paint. The more expensive colour for the Model S and X is introduced only a few days after Tesla reduced the price of each by around $5,000 and $10,000, respectively. Tesla does, however, provide both of them with modest updates.


Is this place becoming hot?

The Model S and X include a freshly designed glass roof that is believed to weigh less than the one it replaces, aside from the new prettier-but-expensive paint. Lowering the centre of gravity of the two Teslas by removing weight from the top may enhance their handling.

But we weren’t crazy about the idea of a glass roof, which is supposed to let five times more light into the cabin. We’ll simply have to wait to sit in one on a scorching bright day to find out, but Tesla claims it offers the same amount of UV protection as the old one.

We’d Like a Brake

The high-performance Plaid versions of the Model S and Model X now feature better brake pads, which is a plus (pun intended). According to Tesla, the new pads have a larger thermal capacity than the previous versions.

According to what we can infer from Tesla’s Twitter, the update only alters the brake pads; the regular callipers and rotors remain unaltered. We’ve previously questioned the Model S Plaid’s stock brakes, so we’re pleased to see changes (no matter how minor). But, it’s important to note that Tesla has not yet made available the carbon-ceramic brake option that the firm stated was on the way.

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