Tata Motors has released its monthly earnings figures for April 2023. Compared to 72,468 units in April 2022, the company sold 69,599 automobiles in April 2023. Domestic sales were 68,514 units, a decrease of four percent from the previous year. In the industrial auto segment, sales of HCV vehicles and SCV cargo and transport vehicles decreased by 6 and 30 percent, respectively, whereas sales of ILMCV vehicles decreased by 62 percent.

In April 2023, the domestic sales of MH&ICV vehicles, such as trucks and buses, were 8,834 units, compared to 12,069 units in April 2022. Total PV domestic sales (including EV) increased by 13% to 47,007 units, up from 41,587 units in April 2022.

The EV segment (IB + domestic) increased by 179 percent to 6,516 units sold. These figures include sales from Tata Motors Limited subsidiaries Tata Motors Passenger Cars Limited and Tata Passenger Electric powered Mobility Restricted.