Tata Motors has registered a domestic sales growth of 13.4 per cent in the passenger vehicle segment selling 40,043 units in December 2022 (including EVs) as compared to 35,299 units sold in the corresponding month a year ago. The company also exported 364 units in the same month as compared to 163 units sold in the December 2021, witnessing a growth of 123.3 per cent. The company’s overall sales (Domestic + Exports) in December 2022 stood at 40,407 units as compared 35,462 units sold in the same month last year, registering a growth of 13.9 per cent. As far as Tata Motors EV sales are concerned, the company sold 3,868 units of electric vehicles in December 2022 as compared to 2,355 units sold in December last year, an uptick of 64.2 per cent.

Coming to Tata Motors commercial vehicle (CV) business, its domestic sales saw a growth of 10 per cent selling 32,954 units as compared to 31,008 units sold in the same period a year ago. While sales of medium & heavy commercial vehicles (MHCV) went up by 34.3 per cent selling 10,885 units as compared to 8,106 units sold a year ago. Its intermediate & light commercial vehicle (ILCV) segment saw a slump of 11.3 per cent selling 4,548 units as compared to 5,130 units sold in the corresponding month last year. Passenger carriers’ sales went up by 95.2 per cent selling 2,694 units as compared to 1,380 units sold a year ago. Sales of cargo and pickup trucks went down by 9.5 per cent selling 14,827 units as compared to 16,392 units sold a year ago. As far as exports are concerned, the company exported 995 units, recording a de-growth of 68.3 per cent as compared to 3,143 units sold a year ago. Overall (domestic + exports), the company recorded a marginal decline of 0.6 per cent selling 33,949 units of CVs as compared to 34,151 units sold in December 2021.

Including PV + CV sales, Tata Motors registered a growth of 10 per cent selling 72,997 units as compared to 66,307 units sold a year ago. As for Q3FY23, Tata Motors as a whole saw a growth of 17.7 per cent, growing from 1,89,531 units in Q3FY22 to 2,23,001 units in Q3FY23. Tata Motors’ CV wing saw a decline of 4.2 per cent over Q3FY23 as compared to Q3FY22, as the company sold 95,914 units in the third quarter of this fiscal, as compared to 1,00,070 in the corresponding time a year before. The Passenger Vehicle business on the other hand saw a growth of 32.8 per cent over the last quarter, growing to 1,32,225 units from 99,564 units in the corresponding time a year ago.