Together on Thursday, Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Ford is aiming to switch to Tesla’s charging interface — and the exceptional quickly-charging experience of Tesla Superchargers — beginning with Ford’s next-generation electric vehicles in 2025.

When it comes to charging at Tesla Supercharger stations, you won’t need an adaptor because all of these upcoming-era designs will be equipped with the standard Tesla port that was developed in and given the name North American Charging Conventional (NACS).

The CCS standard that is common in the United States will no longer be supported by Ford after the delivery of its new electric vehicles. When asked regardless of whether up and coming-generation Ford EVs will include the CCS port, Ford responded: “Gen 2 EVs with the NACS port will have the selection of charging at CCS chargers through an adapter.”

Lightning model of the 2022 Ford F-150

In the meantime, Ford F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, and E-Transit automobiles that are equipped with the Mixed Charging Process (CCS) port will be fitted to demand at Tesla Superchargers, too, using a Tesla-developed adapter that will be in production early in the following calendar year. This will be the case.

During a conversation that took place on Twitter Areas between Farley and Musk, which acted as the reveal stage for the revelation, Farley remarked that “We’re absolutely fully committed to the NACS interface itself going forward.”

“This is definitely a big deal for our customers,” added Farley, who emphasised the ease of use of the connector as well as its dependable nature. “This is definitely a big deal for our customers.”

Connector for Tesla Superchargers, which is currently known as NACS

A different component than the Magic Dock that is provided for CCS automobiles at certain Supercharger stations will be made available for use with Ford automobiles so that speedy charging can be accomplished with these automobiles. According to Musk, there would be no cap on the number of Ford Electric Vehicles that can be charged at Supercharger stations. He also mentioned that the prices for these items will be “whatever the actual physical restrict is.”

Musk elucidated the situation by saying, “We’ll make sure that the adapter is not the restricting variable.”

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