Statiq has partnered with Nexus Malls to set up electric car charging stations at 17 malls across the region. Statiq will set up a combine of slow and fast charging stations appropriate with two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers throughout 13 metropolitan areas as it moves to meet its goal of founded 20,000 EV charging stations across India by the stop of 2022.

Talking on the announcement, Co-Founder and CEO, Statiq, Akshit Bansal said, “Each professional venture of the Nexus Malls family members is at an incredibly popular social spot that sees footfall in countless numbers every one working day – not to point out the busy weekends. Given that Statiq aims to arrive at as numerous people as doable with each individual charging hub we put in, this workforce up with Nexus Malls is really strategic to us. With EV chargers in 17 Malls across 13 towns all over India. Buyers will be in a position to discover Available, Inexpensive and Reputable charging stations at their fingertips so that they can usually #StayCharged.”

The charging stations will occur up at malls in towns these as Chandigarh, Amritsar, Mumbai, Pune, Mangalore and more.

Statiq lately raised around Rs 200 crore in Series A funding to push to its goal of placing up charging stations throughout India. The enterprise has also tied up with Hero Electrical and Ather to enrich charging station coverage in Northern India.