Reise Moto has announced the launch of their premium two-wheeler tyre brand ‘Reise’ in India. The company aims at offering international quality tyres in the Indian market sourcing its technology from Mitas that caters to the Europen and South African markets. The company will be introducing new sizes every month such that we will have the widest range of portfolio that will cater to all the sizes across all sub-segments including bigger adventure motorcycles. As of now, the range available in India begins from 10-inch scooter tyres with prices starting at Rs. 1,450, and going up to 21-inch trailR series off-road tyres ┬ápriced at Rs. 4000.

Yogesh Mahansaria, Founder & Managing Director, Reise Moto said, “In today’s highly dynamic Indian two-wheeler space, the key is to serve the ever-evolving needs and aspirations of enthusiasts who expect a lot more from their machines than just commuting. Reise Moto is a result of our ingrained understanding of the Indian tyre industry, with an aim to bridge the gap in the demand for international quality range of tyres for Indian roads. Our first and continuing goal is to elevate and deliver world-class riding experience, encouraging and inspiring Reise riders to take on new roads with the confidence to ride more.”

Reise Moto will offer 26 SKUs in Phase 1 under 6 sub-brands viz. trailR, tourR, traceR and troopR for the motorcycles category and tripR and twistR for the scooters category. In motorcycles category – trailR series has been designed for adventure motorcycles, traceR series are racetrack-inspired sticky road tyres and troopR caters to the commuter segment. In the scooters category, tripR series are touring tyres for long distance commutes and twistR series is aimed at intracity commutes.