GMC and EarthCruiser are collaborating to develop a Hummer EV pickup suitable for off-road use. The concept will be unveiled later this summer.

A teaser image reveals what appears to be a Hummer EV with a larger roof covered with solar panels, allowing the overlanding vehicle to remain disconnected from the grid for longer.

The overlanding system adds weight and is anticipated to considerably reduce GMC’s claimed 329-mile range for the Hummer EV truck.

To make a unique variant of the Hummer EV truck, GMC has partnered with EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles of Oregon, a manufacturer of rugged all-terrain recreational vehicles. The proposal, which will be unveiled at the end of the summer, is a glimpse into the future of overlanding, a rapidly growing pastime that blends off-roading and camping. The idea will likely result in an aftermarket off-road package for the Hummer EV pickup.


An obscured teaser photograph of the Hummer EV concept from the side was released alongside the news of the partnership. The standard Hummer EV SUV, which is scheduled to hit stores this spring, appears to have a lower roofline compared to this one. Many solar panels are seen on the roof, which should increase the overlanding Hummer’s range and extend the amount of time it can spend independently of the power grid. The off-road camper’s rear compartment could benefit from having additional headroom thanks to a projection that runs down one side of the vehicle.

The Load Should Be Inspiring

While it’s clear that the Hummer EV has the off-road chops to handle rough terrain, the concept’s viability for mass manufacturing hinges on its range. The pickup version of the Hummer EV weighs in at 9640 pounds, making it an extremely hefty vehicle. The overland configuration will further add to this weight, diminishing the efficiency of the electric motor.

GMC claims 329 miles of range, however our 75 mph highway test in a 2022 Hummer EV pickup only got 290 miles. When GMC and EarthCruiser unveil the concept later this year, hopefully they’ll be able to answer some of these questions.

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