Ola Electric will roll out MoveOS 3 for all its consumers future week onwards. Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO, Ola Electric powered, confirmed the exact same in a tweet. This will be the 3rd time that Ola Electric’s proprietary OS, MoveOS, will be up-to-date in a span of a person year. MoveOS 2 was rolled out in August, close to Independence Day, while the announcement for MoveOS 3 was built through Diwali 2022.

The most current in excess of-the-air update provides extra than 20 new options and arrives with a bunch of advancements on functionality. Some of the freshly launched attributes in MoveOS 3 incorporate Proximity Unlock, Celebration Mode, Moods, and compatibility to Ola’s Hypercharger network. The bash piece is of program the ‘Party Mode’, which activates all the lights when tunes is performed on the scooter by means of Bluetooth.

The other spotlight is ‘Proximity Unlock’ which implies that the scooter will need not be locked or unlocked manually. It senses the person coming near or likely absent and locks/unlocks the scooter accordingly. Ola has patented the technology and statements that this is a ‘World First’ feature. Despite the fact that, very similar options can be uncovered on keyless entry techniques on numerous substantial-end bikes from Ducati, Triumph, Honda and so forth.

MoveOS 3 also gives unique profiles, which can be utilised to tailor the profile for every member in the family or good friends, if the scooter is shared. There are unique moods on supply, which change the pores and skin on the 7-inch touchscreen, classic being 1 of them. The scooter also provides various seems with the MoveOS 3. There is also a ‘Vacation Mode’, which puts the scooter in an electrical power conservation mode in which the charge in the scooter can be conserved for up to 200 times. The other huge update is hypercharging. With MoveOS 3, and with the use of Ola hyperchargers, the scooters will have a charging pace of 3 km/moment and can demand for a selection of 50 km in 15 minutes.

In addition to these, the most recent MoveOS 3 update also introduces a lot more capabilities this sort of as Hill Keep etc.