The Japanese Grand Prix of Formula 1 is designed to feature a cutting-edge technical twist in the form of unique “kiss me” trophies for the podium celebrations. Lenovo, the race’s main sponsor, has taken the lead on this creative project and enlisted the help of renowned architecture firm Pininfarina.

The final product of our cooperation is a fluid trophy idea that draws design cues from the air intake structure of an F1 car and effortlessly incorporates the Lenovo logo. However, what really distinguishes this trophy is the use of cutting-edge technology that comes to life when the winning driver interacts with it.

The award has a specific “kiss me” region with signal lights on its exterior. When the trophy is picked up, these lights will flash, directing the drivers to the ideal spot for interaction. Once the driver complies, the trophy will flash with the colours of their particular national flag, adding a dynamic and unique touch to the prize. This is made possible by touch-delicate micro-change tech.

According to Philip Marchington, Government Artistic Director of Corporate Advertising at Lenovo, “As a leading technology company, we challenged ourselves to find a way to embed smarter technological know-how into the trophies in a way which has never ever been done right before to elevate the podium expertise.”

This “kiss me” trophy engineering will also make its premiere at the Lenovo-sponsored United States Grand Prix in Austin. Prior to the podium celebrations after the Japanese Grand Prix, the trophies will be pre-programmed to ensure that they display the correct flag colours for each driver, adding an extra level of customization to this intriguing new Components 1 tradition.