The China-market Nissan Sylphy has historically served as a precursor to the North American-bound Sentra. The unveiling of the next version at the 2019 Shanghai auto show offered us our first peek at the 2020 Sentra.

The Sentra sold in the United States is overdue for a redesign.

Nissan China has just unveiled an improved Sylphy, and to begin with, we can see an updated infotainment display that will likely make its way into the 2024 Sentra.

As its current model enters its fifth year, the Nissan Sentra is set for a facelift. Based on appearances, this update will arrive next year as a redesigned interior with an improved infotainment screen. We are analysing the Nissan Sylphy for the Chinese market in order to predict changes to the Sentra. That worked when the Sylphy launched in Shanghai in 2019, and we believe it will continue to function today.

In 2019, both the Sylphy and the Sentra were preparing for new generations. Currently, it appears that the Sentra is only in need of a minor facelift. We observed a 12.3-inch HD touchscreen for the infotainment system and what appears to be a row of haptic control buttons running along the bottom. The new display is significantly larger than the current Sentra’s seven- and eight-inch panels. With the current Sentra, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not wireless. We hope that the addition of a new screen indicates that Nissan will make Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless in the next Sentra.


Based on the Sylphy photographs, the remainder of the interior will also be updated. The standard grab-handle shifter situated on the gearbox tunnel has been replaced with a low-profile shifter in the same location. The front doors, centre armrest, and A/C vents have been outfitted with interior ambient lighting. The revisions appear to be fairly minor, but compared to the 2023 model, which debuted unaltered from the previous year, any improvement is appreciated.