Nissan gave a sneak peek at what it may consider to be the possibility for an electric SUV that can also make a striking statement in terms of appearance and design on Tuesday.

The Hyper Journey approach is the second in a line of “advanced EV concepts” that will make their public debut on October 25 at the Tokyo auto show.

The Hyper Journey is prepared for those looking for an active outdoor lifestyle, following the Hyper City concept that was unveiled last week and demonstrating as an edgy EV for the city. With vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology built in, the EV’s battery, which is advertised as having enormous capacity but lacks a numerical value, supports all individual routines as well. According to Nissan, it can supply enough electrical power for campgrounds, to recharge electric leisure vehicles like jet skis, to support homes or towns, or all of the above.

Concept of Nissan Hyper Adventure

Thoughts about Nissan Hyper Adventure

Thoughts about Nissan Hyper Adventure

The Hyper Journey has a rakish, angular appearance with sharp edges, general body creases and curved bodysides that come together in a diagonal line running from the back of the rear entryway to the roof. Nevertheless, the design does not disregard aerodynamics. Nissan highlights an airflow-rerouting front spoiler, simple glass wrapping around the windscreen to the side windows and a flush back end.

The foundation will include a version of Nissan’s e-4orce all-wheel-drive system, which made its debut in the currently on the market Nissan Ariya crossover and rethinks electrical supply to improve daily travel and handling.

Thoughts about Nissan Hyper Experience

Concept Nissan Hyper Experience

Concept Nissan Hyper Journey

The Hyper Experience’s inside is perhaps the most similar to the modern Nissan Ariya; in particular, the floating central console and wrap-around sprint look to be developments of that design and style. The instrument panel actually joins the bottom of the windscreen, creating a sort of continuous display area with a very large viewing surface.

Nissan claims that the car has room inside for tents, skis, and even a kayak. The car’s overall dimensions are unknown, however they probably imply that it is quite lengthy. With retractable actions, the rear bench seat can turn 180 degrees to face the back, providing space to sit and get ready for outside activities.

Thoughts about Nissan Hyper Adventure

How seriously is Nissan taking the development of this kind of off-road vehicle? More details regarding it and the idea itself are most likely to be revealed at the show later on in this month. Nissan, however, has a great portfolio of designs with available go-anywhere capability in the past with models like the Xterra and Pathfinder. This may be a hint of the direction trail-centered designs are intended to take in the near future.