Maruti Suzuki India Restricted marketed a overall of 1,39,347 units in December 2022, reporting a drop of 9.9 for every cent above 1,53,149 units bought in December 2021. Total domestic income dropped 10.2 per cent to 1,17,551 units offered in December 2022, around 1,30,869 models sold in December 2021. Maruti Suzuki marketed 4,016 units to other OEMs, which is a de-advancement of almost 17 per cent, with 4,838 models bought to other OEMs in December 2021.

As the year-above-yr figures took a hit, the month-around-month figures also saw a significant decrease of 14.1 for every cent over-all, as MAruti Suzuki sold 1,59,044 units in November 2022. “The lack of digital elements had some effects on the production of motor vehicles, mainly in domestic models”, Maruti Suzuki said.

Apart from the Utility Autos segment, only Vans phase saw a favourable YoY development in December 2022.

Below is a segment-wise breakdown of Maruti’s income figures for December 2022. The Utility Automobiles section registered the biggest progress, which involved automobiles like Brezza, Ertiga, & XL6 which received a refresh in 2022, and also Grand Vitara, which has been a new launch for 2022. The only other segment to see a expansion was Vans, whereby Maruti Suzuki marketed 10,581 units of the Eeco in December 2022, as opposed to 9,165 units in December 2021.

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza got a considerable update this yr in styling as properly as less than the pores and skin.

Maruti Suzuki exported 21,796 models in December 2022, which is a insignificant minimize of 2.2 for each cent. The Indo-Japanese automaker also signed a agreement with Kamarajar Port to export up to 20,000 vehicles every year in December 2022.