As a starting point in its transition to becoming an EV brand, Lexus seems to have too many ideas. Aptera describes their approach to producing its photovoltaic electric vehicle. Additionally, Kia offers a look at several prospective inexpensive EVs. Here at Environmentally Friendly Auto Studies, we offer all of this and much more.

As a part of its first EV Working day, Kia displayed a selection of affordable EVs expected to cost between $35,000 and $50,000. It also released further details and facts about the recently debuted EV5 electric SUV in addition to the EV3 and EV4 compact vehicle prototypes. None of these designs, however, could be confirmed as American-certain as of yet.

California’s Aptera has provided a thorough update on its solar-powered electric vehicle (EV), which is moving towards production as a consequence of final validation levels and with particularly time-consuming components like the carbon-fiber body shell “completed and commissioned.” However, the company didn’t provide a firm date for when deliveries would begin.

And on Wednesday, Lexus released a teaser of a number of electric vehicle concepts that will debut at the upcoming Tokyo auto show. According to the company, they are a part of Toyota’s luxury brand’s transition to a battery EV brand name by 2035.