The replacement for the Huracán will arrive by the end of 2024 as a plug-in hybrid, according to Stefan Winkelmann, the chief executive officer of Lamborghini.

Winkelmann said that the Urus SUV will have a hybrid drivetrain in 2024.

Lamborghini will also debut two electric vehicles before the end of the decade; the first will arrive in 2028, followed by an electric Urus in 2029.

Notwithstanding Italy’s opposition to the European Union’s ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035, one of its most renowned automakers is accelerating its electrification efforts. Recently, Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann confirmed two new hybrid models and mapped out the company’s first two electric vehicles.

Lamborghini Hybrids Are Coming

Last Friday, during a presentation in Sant’Agata, Italy, Winkelmann told reporters that the replacement to the Huracán will be released by the end of 2024 as a plug-in hybrid. This information comes from our sister newspaper, Road & Track, which also revealed that Winkelmann stated that the Urus SUV will transition to a hybrid drivetrain in 2024.

Then, in 2024, we will model the Urus as a hybrid, Winkelmann informed reporters. And before the end of the year, the brand-new Huracán will be available for purchase.

Now, a Lamborghini representative confirmed to Car & Driver that both of Winkelmann’s claims are accurate.


Lambo’s First EVs Will Also Arrive

From our 2021 conversation with Winkelmann, we have been aware of his positive EV outlook. The words cited by R&T align with what he said at the time, when Lamborghini revealed ambitions to electrify all of its vehicles by 2024’s end.

Today, we got the formal plans for Lamborghini’s first two electric cars, both through the R&T report and directly from a company spokeswoman.

Winkelmann reportedly stated, “We will have our first two BEVs in 1928 and 1929.” “In 2028, it will be the first automobile that is entirely BEV. Then, in 2029, the new Urus will be released.”

Simply put, Lamborghini’s first electric vehicle will remain unidentified and arrive in 2028. The company’s second EV, an all-electric successor to the current Urus, will come in 2029.

Not Lamborghini’s First Hybrid Vehicle

When Lamborghini unveils the plug-in hybrid successor for the Aventador, it will not be the automaker’s first hybrid vehicle. We just heard that the successor to the Aventador (internal code LB744) will be driven by a hybrid V-12 engine capable of producing up to 1001 horsepower. It is equipped with three electric motors, two in the front and one within the new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Lamborghini is also expanding its involvement in motorsports, committing to LMDH racing in 2024 as it prepares for a hybrid future. In 2021, Lamborghini sold a few quantity of the exotic Sián, a V-12 hybrid with 808 horsepower that was based on the Aventador.

Hopefully, the Italian manufacturer has made some advances in hybrid technology since then, as the Sián’s EPA-estimated city and combined mpg are identical to those of the Aventador, although its highway mpg is one less (14 against 15). Not very good, Roberto.

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