Self-Driving Cars


Is Apple Putting Its Self-Driving Cars Through Their Paces in the Arizona Proving Ground?

For many years, Apple supporters have asserted, on the basis of scant evidence, that there is a relationship between the multinational technology corporation and Route 14 Investment Partners.
When we went to the proving ground in Arizona that Route 14 uses, we saw that the company was testing a car with a sensor stack that had a design that was similar to one that Apple has been developing.
We also found material that appears to link at least one person to both of the companies that were investigated.


Late in 2005, homebuilder Toll Brothers and its partners purchased the proving ground that once belonged to DaimlerChrysler near Wittmann, Arizona, for the price of $312 million. The newly acquired land consisted of 5,500 acres, and its new owners intended to turn it into a master-planned city with 33,000 dwellings. The developers defaulted on their debt in 2010, which resulted in the proving ground being left in the possession of the project’s lender, iStar, because the project never came to fruition.

Following ownership of the site for more than a decade, the commercial real estate finance business ultimately parted ways with it in July 2021, when they sold it to Route 14 Investment Partners LLC for the price of $125 million. Route 14 Investment Partners was familiar with the land on which the property was situated. A limited liability corporation that was relatively unknown at the time had begun leasing the proving ground from the New York-based company iStar approximately five years ago.

The presumed automotive-related company, Route 14 Investment Partners, is wrapped in a significant amount of mystery, and there is very little information that is available to the public about it. However, rumours continue to circulate that Route 14 Investment Partners is a front business for Apple’s automobile project, which was formerly and likely still is referred to as “Project Titan.”