India’s highway transportation ministry has issued draft policies to make it necessary for car makers to install alarm process for rear seat belts.

The last day for general public comments on draft rules is Oct. 5, according to the notification.

India has been looking at imposing the use of rear seatbelts soon after Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of Indian conglomerate Tata Sons, died in a car or truck crash not too long ago.

He was sitting in the rear seat and did not have his seat belt on, area media documented, citing police officials.

In India, just one individual dies each and every 4 minutes in road mishaps, the Earth Lender claimed last calendar year.

Whilst it is by now mandatory for all occupants in a car or truck in India, the world’s fourth-most significant car marketplace, to put on a seat belt failing which they can be fined, passengers at the back seldom do and enforcement is also lax.