Mahindra has augmented its new Bolero MaXX lineup with new variants and increased towing capacities. Initiated last year with the MaXX Town 3000, the Bolero MaXX range now includes a new MaXX Hd line-up that largely replaces the Large Bolero as well as new variants in the Metropolis series with enhanced payload capacities. The price categories for the new Town series begin at Rs 7.85 lakh, while the Hd series begins at Rs 9.26 lakh (ex-showroom). Both versions are available with various payload capacities and in two variants, LX and VXi, with the VXi version costing approximately Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 more than the LX.

In addition to the Town 3000’s 1.3-tonne towing capacity, the current series of MaXX vehicles now offers haulage capacities of 1.4 tonnes and 1.5 tonnes. Also new to the lineup is a CNG variant with a 1.2-tonne payload capacity that is priced at Rs 8.25 lakh (ex-showroom). The load beds of the 1.4- and 1.5-tonne rated MaXX City variants are 2,640 millimetres longer than those of the 1.3-tonne and Metropolis 3000, which measure 2,500 millimetres. The Town series, according to Mahindra, is designed for fleet operators seeking additional compact pick-ups for inner-city use.

Transferring to the Hd series, the available capacities are 1.3 tonnes, 1.7 tonnes, and 2 tonnes. In contrast to the Town, the HD range is intended for use between cities, with Mahindra citing applications in the design, agriculture, and fishing industries. The standard load mattress size for the 1.3 and 1.7-tonne varieties is 2,765 millimetres. The latter is also available with a 3,050 mm-long cargo bed as an option. The 2-ton variant, meanwhile, obtains the standard extended mattress.

Both the Bolero MaXX City and Bolero MaXX High definition are propelled by 2.5-liter diesel engines with outputs ranging from 70 horsepower and 200 Newton-meters to 80 horsepower and 220 Newton-meters. As with the MaXX Metropolis 3000, the new City and High definition variants offer accommodation for four (driver +2) and include Mahindra’s iMAXX connected solutions.