At the British Grand Prix the year before, Sebastian Vettel gave a demonstration driving a vehicle driven by Nigel Mansell in 1992 that had been powered by fossil fuel-free fuel. This vehicle had won the championship that year. It was Vettel’s goal to show that it is possible to employ internal combustion engines used in both older and more modern racing vehicles in a manner that is more environmentally friendly.

Before the run, he explained, “I am using carbon-neutral fuels to demonstrate that we can still cling onto our historical past and heritage and society in motorsport, but do it in a much more liable way.” This was his explanation for why he was using carbon-neutral fuels.

By showcasing its expertise in the world of motorsport, P1 Fuels hopes to increase the rate at which its products are adopted by consumers. It now supplies the Earth Rally Championship and is looking to partner with F1 personnel suppliers for potential future cooperation due to F1’s intention to switch to fuels that are entirely sustainable by the year 2026. Benjamin Pochammer, the Chief Operating Officer of P1 Fuels, has revealed that the company is working together with a number of F1 team suppliers to study potential partnership opportunities.

Pochammer told Autosport at Rally Portugal that his company was at the stage where they were getting to know one other with the F1 teams. “It is obtaining to know each other,” he said.

Because Aramco is the one and only company competing for this position, there is currently no open bid in Formula One.

“However, in Formula One, each driver is free to choose which fuel company they want to use. In point of fact, we do work with a couple of Formula One racing companies that already have teams, and those companies are interested in testing our products.

Pochammer stated that they are currently in discussions with a few organisations and groups, and that it is an exciting risk because it has the potential to raise community awareness of P1’s products. Having said that, Pochammer did not reveal the identities of the companies or teams that were included in the deal.

“We enjoy racing, so it’s exciting,” he asserted. “We enjoy racing.” However, we are investigating opportunities in the mass market. In all seriousness, we wish to create a deviation.

“We really do have a vision, and this is the first step; however, the next step is getting out there so that everyone can use this type of petrol because that is the vision that we have,”The partnership that P1 has cultivated with Vettel has proven to be good for the brand in terms of increasing awareness about its products. However, it is only a casual relationship between the two of them, and it began when Vettel announced his desire to continue racing in 2015 in order to make a contribution to the fight against climate change.”Despite the fact that it took a few decades, we have now demonstrated that it is successful in every motor. The laws are in place, but almost everyone on the planet wants to break them.”He [Vettel] takes pleasure in the work that P1 is doing. He does not serve in any formal capacity as an ambassador or otherwise. He is putting in work with it, and truly everywhere he goes, he says, ‘Okay, I drive your vehicle, but only with P1.’ It is amazing to us.”Vettel is quite interested in that particular subject. He is not acting in this manner for any reason other than the fact that he genuinely wants there to be a change.