Jaipur-based electric two-wheeler maker HOP Electric has commenced customer deliveries for the OXO electric motorcycle. The company launched the HOP OXO e-bike back in September 2022, while customer test rides began in November. Since the launch of the OXO e-bike, the company has received over 10,000 bookings for the electric motorcycle, in just two months. Now, it has started handing over the electric motorcycle in Jaipur, Rajasthan from its first batch of 2,500 units.

Rajneesh Singh, Chief Marketing Officer – HOP Electric said, “We are grateful to our customers who have welcomed our new offering, HOP OXO high-speed electric motorcycle with open arms. We are committed to making sustainable mobility easily accessible at cost effective price-points. Happy to see aspirations of customers getting realised to ownership of the first batch of vehicles.”

The HOP OXO comes with a 3.75 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, offering a range of up to 150 km.

In addition to Jaipur, HOP Electric will also be starting deliveries in other states like – Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal, among other, shortly. The company has also said that the deliveries of the first batch of vehicles are running slightly behind schedules due to changes in the guidelines of the Ministry of Heavy Industries’ FAME II scheme and the introduction of new tests and standards. That said, HOP Electric is assuring its customers that production will be scaled up quickly to meet the demands.

Vishal Sharma from Jaipur, a customer who took delivery of his HOP OXO electric motorcycle today said, “I am excited to own the first ever Hop OXO.I had booked it during the Navratri festivities. It has been some wait but worth it. I finally get to ride of my electric motorcycle Hop OXO- it really performs well; very responsive & instant acceleration is exhilarating. There are so many features rarely found in conventional bikes that it will take me some time to learn all about it. I am excited to begin my electric journey with HOP OXO.”

The HOP OXO comes with a 3.75 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with 811 NMC cells and smart battery management system (BMS). The unit is paired with an electric motor that makes 6.2 kW (8.3 bhp) and 200 Nm of peak torque. It comes with three riding modes – eco, power and sport, and accelerates from 0-40 kmph in just 4 seconds, reaching a top speed of 90 kmph. The company is claiming a range of 150 km on a single charge with a 0-80 per cent charging time of four hours with a 16 amp power socket.