In a recent Ford patent application, the use of bidirectional charging and an adaptor to charge several cars from the same energy source is explored, along with possible fleet applications.

A Ford patent application, originally filed on January 26, 2022, and published by the USPTO on July 27, 2023, describes how to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously by conventionally plugging one vehicle into a charging station and using adapters to connect the other vehicles’ cost ports to the charging cable.

Ford’s patent for a bidirectional charging adaptor

A coupling and microprocessor in the adapter would enable a vehicle equipped for bidirectional charging to transfer electricity from its demand port to another vehicle using the adapter and associated charging cable.

Ford now uses bidirectional charging, which has components that will let the F-150 Lightning serve as a backup energy broker for a building. However, this adaptor can be especially useful to business people considering purchasing the F-150 Lightning Professional and other fleet EVs because it enables many cars parked at the same garage to be charged simultaneously from a single charging station.

Ford’s patent for a bidirectional charging adaptor

Ford won’t specifically refer to this use in its patent submission, but Rivian did in a patent software for a comparable pass-by means of charging programme that was published by the USPTO on June 22. The methods employed in both applications appear to be legal under current standards, which prevent the use of extension cords to connect chargers and cars but would likely allow cars to be used to relay electricity from a single charger.

Ford’s bidirectional charging adaptor is brilliant, but there is no guarantee that it will go into production. The manufacturer submits numerous patent applications, one of which is for a magnetic charging port that resembles an Apple MagSafe adapter for electric vehicles, but none of them ever make it past the patent stage.