The 2024 GLS63 is a high-powered luxury SUV with a twin-turbo V-8 producing 603 horsepower and an AMG-massaged air suspension. Its roaring powertrain rocketed it to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds on our test track, and it can carry as many as seven people, making it ideal for the morning school run. Although it handles well for a performance SUV, the GLS63 isn’t as nimble as the brand’s super sedans and sports cars, so it excels at speed off the line. If you desire maximum comfort, you should consider the Benz-branded GLS instead because its ride is stiff, especially on the optional 23-inch wheels. Similar to the more subdued variant, this one has a bevy of digital displays on the dashboard, cutting-edge connectivity options, comfortable seats, luxurious materials, and an abundance of flair in its comfort and technology amenities.

So, in 2024, what’s the scoop?

For 2024, the GLS63 receives new designs for its 21-, 22-, and 23-inch wheels in addition to redesigned taillights. When the front doors are opened, new puddle lamps shine down to illuminate the ground, and the Benz insignia in the middle of the grille has been swapped out for an AMG badge. The GLS63’s brake callipers are red this year, while a new steering wheel adds a touch of style to the inside. Mercedes has upgraded the already generous list of standard features to include a panoramic sunroof, heated and ventilated front seats, automatic high beam headlamps, and a performance exhaust system, and has expanded the range of interior colour possibilities.


Costs and Choosing a Product

Even though the base price of a GLS63 is well into six figures, we have a few recommendations that are sure to please everyone in the family. The Warmth & Comfort package, which includes heated door panels, heated armrests, and a heated centre console, is a great option for folks living in colder areas. We also recommend the Energizing package, which includes a fragrance diffuser for the cabin, and the Acoustic Comfort package, which provides extra insulation to the cabin for a more peaceful ride. The GLS63’s massive wheel wells are the perfect setting for the insane 23-inch multi-spoke forged wheels that are just one of a number of Mercedes-AMG options that can capture your eye.

Powertrain, Efficiency, and Results

The GLS63 is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine and a 48-volt hybrid system, which together produce 603 horsepower. Standard features include all-wheel drive, an automated transmission with nine gears, and an air suspension. The GLS63 stunned us with its performance on our test track, where it went from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, faster than numerous hot sports cars we’ve driven. When compared to the original GLS63, which only produced 577 horsepower, this new model can reach 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds, which is still respectable. While the GLS’s acceleration left us thrilled, its handling left us cold. Although it has plenty of traction to have fun with on a twisty road, the ride is hard, especially on the optional 23-inch wheels, and this does not translate to a feeling of unflappable precision when cornering.

Typical Gas Mileage and Efficiency

The GLS63 has a poor fuel economy of 14 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the interstate, according to the EPA. The GLS63 got a respectable 22 mpg while driving 200 miles on the interstate in our fuel economy test. Check out the EPA’s website for specifics on the GLS-class’ gas mileage.

three words: cabin, luxury, and storage

The GLS63 differentiates itself from two-row SUV powerhouses like the BMW X5 M and the Audi RS Q8 with its three rows of seating and slightly sportier interior styling compared to the Benz-branded GLS-class. The GLS63, like its rivals, features an elegant cabin. Nearly every surface inside is upholstered in plush leather, and the ones that aren’t have real wood trim and beautiful meal trim applied to them; the knobs and buttons are made to seem luxurious in a metallic finish. Passengers in the front seats can get a massage while they zoom down the motorway, and the second row has plenty of legroom and can be outfitted with heated seats and electric sunshades. The third row of seats may be too cramped for adults, but they’re ideal for kids. Similar to the regular GLS-class, it can hold 30 bags behind the front seats and four suitcases behind the third row.

Connection and Entertainment

The GLS63 features a basic dual-screen infotainment system similar to that of the base model without AMG trim. The digital gauge display and the central infotainment display are two 12.3-inch panels that share a bezel. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) can be navigated by voice commands, a touchscreen, or a clickwheel located in the centre console. A 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also standard features.

Features for Safety and Helping the Driver

Included on every Mercedes-AMG is a suite of driver aids, and those who opt for more can upgrade to enjoy amenities like semi-autonomous driving. Visit the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for detailed information on the GLS-performance class’s in crash tests. Important safety features consist of:

Automatic emergency braking equipped with pedestrian recognition is now the norm.
Lane-keeping assist and lane-departure warning are becoming the norm.
Adaptive cruise control that can centre itself in the lane is an option.
Guarantees and Upkeep Coverage

The Mercedes-AMG warranty is typical fare and nothing to write home about. In addition, unlike BMW and Audi, they provide no complimentary scheduled maintenance.

A four-year/fifty-thousand-mile limited warranty is provided.
For 4 years or 50,000 miles, the powertrain is guaranteed.
There isn’t any scheduled maintenance that’s free.