Prior to the 2024 election and UAW negotiations, American EV battery production is under less scrutiny. Ford may be able to meet the needs of fleets for bidirectional charging with the right adapters. And even if we still have to overcome all the obstacles, electricity convertibles might yet be available. Here at New Car Reports, you’ll get all of this and more.


Why aren’t there any electric sports cars or convertible EVs available in the US? A few of the reasons why there aren’t any fully electric, rear-drive passenger cars on the market—and few, if any, hybrids of any kind, offering an open-air experience—were examined by Green Car Reviews. It will mostly come down to the battery and all the problems it poses.

The low-spending EV battery plants supported by federal funds are developing into an election flashpoint as the UAW suggests that this round of contract negotiations will not go as easily for automakers as in the recent past and Trump talking points claim that the Biden administration’s EV policy will “decimate” auto industry careers.

And a recent Ford patent application shows that the company is considering a bidirectional EV charging adapter that couldelp fleets of connected vehicles function more efficiently by allowing them to charge from a single charging station or discharge electricity during times of high energy costs, for example. Since it is simply a patent, Ford’s Pro fleet products and services may maybe use it at some point in the future as one of their many available options.