According to information provided by the company on Monday, Rivian produced 13,992 automobiles and shipped 12,640 vehicles during the subsequent quarter of 2023.

These new Q2 numbers represent a huge increase when compared to the 9,395 automobiles that were manufactured and the 7,946 that were shipped during the very first quarter. And they make it abundantly clear that Rivian is not falling a lot more behind on deliveries due to driving.

According to a press release issued by Rivian, these results “keep on being in line with the company’s expectations,” and Rivian is on pace to deliver 50,000 vehicles this year, in accordance with previously established yearly direction.




EDV700 from Rivian

The data for the second quarter include the R1T electric powered pickup truck and the R1S electric powered SUV for the retail current market. They also include the EDV lineup of electrical supply vans. However, the production and shipping volumes are not going to be broken down by design line for this report. At the now, the production of automobiles takes place in the city of Usual, Illinois, and this will continue to be the case until a second manufacturing plant in Georgia that has been planned comes online.

Last year, Rivian and Lucid both reduced their projections for their overall generation. The two electric vehicle (EV) hopefuls were learning the same lesson that Tesla did with the extended ramp up of Design 3 production, and that is the fact that it is difficult to produce autos.




The Rivian R1S 2023

Despite this, there are a few factors that appear to be working in Rivian’s favour at this time. It is possible that the launch of Rivian’s own Enduro modular motor variants has assisted in increasing production levels. Both the R1S and the R1T continue to be eligible for a tax credit of $3,750 under the amended EV tax credit, which may potentially play a role in the fact that shipping numbers have remained relatively stable. Rivian discontinued the models of these automobiles with the lowest starting prices in the previous year.

In addition, the truck manufacturer has validated the 380-mile R1S Max Pack for slide shipments. However, as the company’s CEO RJ Scaringe clarified not too long ago, we would not be seeing any off-road parlour tricks like the Tank Switch mode that the company announced a couple of many years ago.