Citroen has announced the “Care Festival,” a holiday season offering a variety of special discounts and benefits. The automaker is offering a range of incentives, including discounts on maintenance supplies, add-ons, and labour costs. available to clients in India. The offers will be available for a limited time starting on October 17.

Regarding the “Treatment Pageant,” Citroen offers a free 40-position car health package as well as specific gifts for online consultations. Additionally, customers will benefit from a 15% price reduction on auto maintenance products, a 10% discount on a few accessories, and a further 10% labour cost discount.

Citroen is giving a 15 cent price reduction on car care products and a 10 cent price reduction on select extras.

Additionally, Citroen is introducing a specific “Peace of Head” supply for its C3 product. Customers will be able to purchase and drive a Citroen C3 now and begin making EMI payments in 2024 as a result.

For all deliveries made up until October 31, 2023, the Citroen C3 will be eligible for the “Peace of Head” gift, which offers additional benefits worth up to Rs. 99,000.

Up until October 31, 2023, all deliveries of the Citroen C3 are eligible for the “Peace of Head” programme, which provides additional advantages of up to Rs. 99,000. This fantastic offer includes a thorough maintenance schedule covering five years or 50,000 kilometres as well as a long guarantee lasting five decades or 100,000 kilometres.