At the Shanghai 2023 Motor Show, BYD debuted its most recent model, a sporty-appearing hatchback called the Seagull. When it launches, the vehicle will be equipped with a variety of features, including ADAS. The vehicle is BYD’s smallest electric vehicle and will initially be sold only in China, with a worldwide release to follow. One particular of the most significant talking points about this automobile is its price, which will be roughly RMB 78,800 (approximately 9.4 lakh rupees) and will make it one of the least expensive automobiles to reach international markets.

The BYD Seagull has an eccentric appearance and style that will appeal to a youthful audience. The vehicle’s headlamps have a pointed, angular design. With its superior roofline and rear spoiler, the automobile’s overall profile is quite distinct and tidy. The automobile’s rear integrated LED headlights are also a very nice addition. Similarly to all other BYD products, the automobile’s interior is truly “out of the box.” The controls for the centre console are located above the air conditioning ducts, and the instrument cluster is a digital display. Considering the car’s modest price tag, this cabin is exceptionally well-made.

Although the manufacturer has not disclosed official information about the vehicle, a pair of leaked documents suggest that it will be available with two battery options: a 30 kWh battery with a range of 190 miles and an additional 38 kWh battery with a range of 252 miles. The vehicle will also be available with two front-mounted single engines, one with 74 horsepower and the other with 100 horsepower, depending on the variant. Even though there have been no official announcements from the manufacturer regarding an Indian release, there is a strong possibility that BYD will provide it here, as the small EV market is flourishing in India.