For the month of September 2023, Bajaj Automobile Limited has highlighted its revenue data. Domestic sales of two-wheelers fell to 2,02,510 units in September 2023, a decrease of 9% from the same 30-day period in the previous year, when the company was able to produce 2,22,912 models. In compared to the 1,25,443 units exported in September 2022, there were 1,25,202 models exported in September 2023.

Bajaj Vehicle Minimal sold a total of 3,27,712 two-wheelers in September 2023, a 6% decrease from the 3,48,355 units purchased in September 2022 when domestic and export sales are combined.

Regarding industrial motor vehicles, the company reported domestic sales of 50,683 units in September 2023, a significant increase of 60% from the 31,752 units purchased in September 2022. However, shipments of commercial cars saw a tiny decline, falling to 14,163 units in September 2023 from 14,640 units in the same month last year.

When comparing domestic and export sales of commercial vehicles, the total number of models sold in September 2023 was 64,846. This is a significant increase of 40% from the 46,392 models sold in September 2022.

Domestic product sales in September 2023 decreased slightly to 2,53,193 units, down 1% from the 2,54,664 units sold in September 2022, which includes the two two-wheelers and commercial motor vehicles. Additionally, exports decreased by 1%, from 1,40,083 models in the same month last year to 1,39,365 units in September 2023. 3,92,558 units were sold altogether by Bajaj Automobile Minimal in September 2023, which is a 1% reduction from the 3,94,747 models sold in September 2022.

When combining both equally profitable categories for the months of April through September, total domestic product sales for YTD 2023 were 12,79,112 units, a significant 22 percent increase over the 10,47,211 units in YTD 2022. Nevertheless, the total number of exports for YTD 2023 fell by 23 percent to 8,02,248 units from 10,37,447 models in YTD 2022. Overall, Bajaj Auto Minimal reported full-year sales of 20,81,360 units, a minor decrease of less than 1% from the 20,84,658 models sold in full-year 2022.