Bajaj Auto has reported a 21 per cent decline in its overall sales numbers compared to last year. The company sold 2,85,995 units in January 2023 compared 3,63,443 units in the same month last year. However, it did experience an increase of nearly 2 per cent in its overall sales when compared to last month. The sales numbers in December 2022 stood at 2,81,486 units which rose to 2,85,995 units this month. The more concerning part of the story is the decline of its total export numbers by 47 per cent. The number stood at 2,13,787 units in January 2022 compared to 1,12,725 units in January 2023.

The company’s total two-wheeler sales in January 2023 declined to 2,41,107 units against 3,23,430 units in the same month last year which exhibits a decrease of almost 25 per cent. In Dec 2022, the total sales stood at 2,47,024 units which has since decreased by more than 2 per cent MoM. Bajaj also reported a fall in number of two-wheeler exports by 46 per cent. The number previously stood at 1,87,934 units in January 2022 which fell to 1,00,679 units in January 2023. However domestic sales are on the rise, with an increase in 4 per cent from 1,35,496 units in January 2022 to 1,40,428 units in January 2023.

Bajaj’s total commercial vehicle sales stood at 40,013 units in January 2022 which went up by 12 per cent to 44,888 units in January 2023. Its domestic sales saw a significant increase of 132 per cent in January 2023, from 14,160 units in the same month last year to 32,842 units. Exports fell sharply by 53 per cent from 25,853 units in January 2022 down to 12,046 units in January 2023.

The Year-to-Date numbers saw a decrease of 9 per cent, with April to January 2023 volumes recorded at 33,53,929 units compared to last year’s 36,95,225 units. The number of exports continue to decline with the company’s April to January volume decreasing by 25 per cent, falling from 21,32,917 units in the first 9 months of FY2022 to 15,89,260 units during the current fiscal year.