The beginning of the electric vehicle (EV) industry Ather Energy recently changed their product lineup, and as part of the update, the Ather 450X entry-level electric scooter was outfitted with a lower-potential charger as standard equipment. Because of the 250-watt charger that is now included with the 450X base model, the charging process takes an inconveniently long amount of time. As a response to the backlash that this decision has generated, Ather Electricity is now giving buyers of the base 450X the option to pay an additional fee and switch to a home charger that is capable of delivering a greater amount of power. Ather will supply its ‘Dot’ charger to consumers of the 450X at a discounted cost of Rs 7,500 as part of a limited time period offering. This offer is only valid for a limited time. The start-up has not provided any information regarding the duration of this deal; rather, they have merely said that the offer is valid “until stocks last.”

Ather consumers have historically spent as much as Rs 20,000 for the ‘Dot’ charger in the past.

Because you can only use the 250-watt charger that comes with the base 450X, it will take 12 hours and 15 minutes to get it to 80 percent charged, and it will take a significant 15 hours and 20 minutes to get it fully charged. This is because you are confined to using the charger that came with the base model. In comparison, the top-of-the-line spec 450X (specified with the ‘Pro Pack’), which comes standard with the 700-watt Dot charger, can achieve an 80 percent demand in four hours and thirty minutes, and a full demand in five hours and forty minutes.

If they choose to upgrade the charger, prospective customers of the entry-level 450X model will be able to take advantage of the same favourable pricing conditions as owners of the 450X Professional Pack. The base model of the 450X cannot be charged at the Ather Grid, the company’s network of fast-charging stations, in contrast to the top-of-the-line version of the scooter, which can be charged at any of the Ather Grid’s stations. As a result, rapid charging will be difficult if not impossible with the base model of the 450X if this upgrade is not implemented.

carandbike has found out that the upgrade will continue to be offered to any and all foundation 450X customers for the foreseeable future. However, when the limited-time offer expires, customers may be required to pay a great deal lot more for this update. The Dot charger has previously been sold for as much as 20,000 Indian Rupees (Rs.), so this price increase may be rather large.

The base 450X model has the same battery pack as the 450X Pro Pack, but it does not come with any of the additional features that are considered to be essential.

The base model of the 450X costs Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom, including of the FAME-II subsidy), which is a significant amount cheaper than the base model of the 450 In addition. However, in contrast to the 450X Professional Pack, the base 450X has almost no features. The 7-inch monitor only displays in grayscale, there is no 4G or Bluetooth connectivity, there is no media playback capability, there are no associated characteristics, there is no park help, and there are no experience modes. It is important to note that the 450 Additional, which has since been discontinued, did in fact provide you with some of these options, such as park assistance and journey modes.

Ather Energy, together with Ola Electric, TVS, and Hero MotoCorp (Vida), has been embroiled in a scandal regarding the FAME-II subsidies. This controversy has been going on for quite some time. Anonymous emails were provided to law enforcement personnel, which prompted the authorities to investigate brands that were selling electric two-wheelers with the charger for their vehicles available as a separate add-on at an additional fee. In order to make their purchases conform to the FAME-II subsidy eligibility ceiling, which is set at Rs 1.50 lakh (ex-manufacturing facility), models resorted to this method.

The Foundation 450X are now unable to participate in the quick-charging community offered by Ather’s ‘Grid’.

Ather Electricity has confirmed that it will be offering reimbursements to eligible customers within the next two months. These customers include those who have recently purchased an Ather electric scooter and were required to pay additional money for a charger. However, given that many customers have provided carandbike with information indicating that they paid varying sums for the charger for their scooter, this process may take some time.

As a whole, Ather Electricity may now be required to pay up to Rs 140 crore as a component of the reimbursement strategy. The start-up company has also been asked to repay close to Rs 25 crore to the MHI since it added more to the cost of its flagship scooter by including a proprietary application update. This was one of the reasons why the MHI made this request. A short while ago, the value of the Ather 450X gave a ‘performance upgrade’ in addition to the ex-showroom price tag of the scooter. This ‘performance upgrade’ added Rs 21,510 to the final invoice, from which the FAME-II subsidy quantity (Rs 55,500) was subtracted. However, this ‘performance upgrade’ is no longer available.