Royal Enfield has been on a product offensive for a while, and even though the brand doesn’t have any EVs on offer yet, it is no secret that it is working on making EVs soon. While RE has many models under development, one of the first ones to go on sale could be an adventure motorcycle.

Given the name of Royal Enfield’s current ADV, it is expected that RE will carry on that name – Himalayan – to the electric adventure motorcycle too. But the motorcycle will be new ground up. A leaked design image suggests that the motorcycle will pose a very purposeful adventure motorcycle look, and the image also shows a large battery pack on the bike.

While the battery pack is sizeable, which is expected given that ADVs will need to have a long range, the electric ADV also has great ground clearance. With the large battery pack on board, it is expected that the ADV will also come with a hefty price tag, and will certainly pack good tech and quirky features. The motorcycle is still in the early design stages, and it will be long until we start to spot test mules. We expect RE’s first electric motorcycle to make its debut around 2026.