There is growing evidence to suggest that Alpine, a French performance automobile brand, is serious about expanding its presence in the United States. The company announced on Tuesday that it will compete in the 2023 Pikes Peak Intercontinental Hill Climb with a specially modified version of its A110 sports vehicle.

Alpine’s only model is the A110, and the company has confirmed that it will be the last to feature an internal combustion engine. Due to a tailored version of the mid-mounted 1.8-liter turbo-4 engine, the Pikes Peak racer will generate nearly 500 horsepower, as opposed to the standard A110’s 296 horsepower. The inclusion of a roof scoop that is designed to increase the airflow into the engine is a significant modification to the automobile.

The Pikes Peak variant is a sight to witness, especially at an event where outrageous automobiles are the norm. The A110’s motor cover features a Le Mans-style fin that appears to have been removed from a more robust circuit racer and added to this custom race vehicle. Involving the incredible aero structure, the effect of much larger racing vehicles can also be seen in the relocation of the rear lighting to the sides. A slim band of LED lights at the vehicle’s entrance completes its contemporary design.

Popular front splitter, considerable side deflectors, and a central fin located above a roof scoop that feeds air to the upgraded engine all contribute to its uniqueness. The car’s aero package consists of an aggressive diffuser flanked by deflectors and a rear spoiler, as well as redesigned side skirts. It is a foregone conclusion that anything ascending the 12.42-mile race to the clouds will look spectacular, but this A110 promises to be especially unique.

In the months leading up to June, additional information about Alpine’s impending release will be made available. However, the French automaker has provided a tantalising preview of what will actually occur. The new vehicle is anticipated to weigh just 950 kilogrammes and feature engine modifications.

Alpine’s decision to compete in the Pikes Peak race demonstrates the company’s commitment to motorsports and its desire to push the limits of efficiency and technological innovation. The race is an opportunity for Alpine to demonstrate its engineering expertise and the capabilities of the A110 sports car.