In honour of Land Rover’s 75th anniversary, Lego has released a set featuring a small version of the legendary Defender 90.

The 2336-piece system is extremely modifiable, with features like traction boards and a functional winch that make the Defender even more at home in the wilderness.

Toys R Us will begin selling the Lego Defender online in early April for $239.99.

Land Rover

With the release of the new Defender in 2020, Land Rover upgraded the formerly clunky but reliable workhorse into a sleek luxury vehicle that successfully marries off-road prowess with a laid-back attitude appropriate for the suburban environment. Nonetheless, we have a soft spot for the original Defender 90 because of its straightforward personality and fearless, do-anything spirit, so Lego’s latest motorised version is already high on our want list. For Land Rover’s 75th anniversary, Lego has released a new 2336-piece kit dedicated to the Defender, and it’s a sight to behold.

The Lego Defender 90 is available in a sage green hue that’s at home in the great outdoors and may be customised for a more street-friendly appearance before you equip it for serious off-roading. Both the front and back doors of the Lego Defender are outfitted with spare tyres, and the vehicle’s hood features a snorkel to assist it ford rivers. The sturdy front bumper is outfitted with a functional winch and auxiliary lighting, while the roof rack is stocked with jerrycans, traction boards, a jack, and a toolbox.

The Defender is also equipped with a fire extinguisher, hammer, axe, and pickaxe. The set’s dimensions (without accessories) are 12.5 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 6 inches in height. The wheels and suspension also move and work.

Lego claims that it is possible to fit one of two engines under the hood, and the doors open to show an authentically reproduced inside. In early April, you can buy the Lego Defender for $239.99 on Lego’s website.

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