Nissan unveiled this track-focused NISMO version of the Nissan Z, which sits above the Z Performance, on Monday, July 31.

The most spectacular of the contemporary Z automobiles is the Z NISMO, which has 420 horsepower and 384 pound-toes of torque.

There won’t be a guide for NISMO; instead, the gearbox has been tweaked to nine speeds, and a Monitor mode has been added for much speedier changes.


Nissan has finally formally debuted the 2024 Z NISMO after we first saw it in spy photos covered in camouflage and in a teaser internet video shrouded in tyre smoke. The NISMO treatment method, like other efficiency modifications, focuses on improvements to the observe-driving experience on both a mechanical and visual level.

From the Nissan Z Performance trim, the Z NISMO is the next level up. The NISMO will take all that to the next level and add revised bodywork, stickier tyres, and considerably more horsepower. That model already offers a constrained-slip differential, bigger wheels and brakes, stronger suspension, and better seats.

So let’s start there. Under the hood, a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 with better cooling, performance-enhancing ignition timing, and a wastegate change principally inspired by the GT-R NISMO. The end product is a standard Z with 20 more horses and 34 more pound-feet of torque. The Z NISMO will produce 384 pound-feet of torque and 420 horsepower, with peak torque occurring between 2000 and 5200 rpm. You can spend all that electricity on the monitor for a longer period of time since the hot motor receives a larger oil cooler.

The Z NISMO will only be offered with a 9-speed automatic gearbox, but it comes with clutch packs exclusive to NISMO and retuned engine management software, making downshifts nearly twice as quick and start command more intense at the beginning. A driving technique called Activity+ is also available. It was designed to downshift so quickly that the driver doesn’t even need to use the paddles. However, for individuals who enjoy doing anything in a car, all of those remain.

The exterior of the car has undergone the most noticeable alterations right where Nissan stretched the front fascia to resemble the Fairlady 240ZG’s G-Nose. To provide for additional motor cooling, the new snout sports a redesigned grille opening filled with high-quality honeycomb mesh. This lengthy spoiler is underlined with a bold pink line, just in case you missed it. If the purple stripe running from the front to the back isn’t enough to alert you to the fact that this is the top-tier Z, NISMO insignia and a black-painted roof make this particular model stand out.

Other aerodynamic upgrades include a three-piece rear spoiler that blends into the main of the rear quarters and extensions at the front corners to guide wind past the wheels. The Z NISMO sits on 19-inch wheels, same like the Z Effectiveness, but these are gloss black and.5 inches wider. The back wheels have a solid tyre patch on 10.5-inch rollers, and the front wheels are 10 inches wide. Despite continuing to be larger, they weigh less than those on the Functionality. Nissan applies Dunlop SP Activity MAXX GT600 tyres to the new wheels.

Larger 4-piston callipers, 15.8-inch front and 13.8-inch rear brake rotors, and brake pads with high levels of responsibility are located behind the wheels. Additional bracing all around and underneath the car, as well as an increase in torsional rigidity of 2.5 percent about the Z Functionality, are examples of chassis upgrades. The watch-ready NISMO switches back to a metal driveshaft from the carbon one found on the other Z. The track agility of the NISMO is improved via stiffer bushings, mounting points, larger dampers, and other modifications.

On the anodized Prevent/Begin button and the generating mode selector within, the purple design is still present. On startup, new visuals that are displayed on the computer screen flash a NISMO-only animation that mirrors the exterior’s crimson hue. The steering wheel was updated with a red accent mark at the top, and the leather-based and fake suede Recaro seats (manually adjustable only) feature a purple heart and NISMO insignia in the headrest.

The Z NISMO will be offered in a choice of five colours, including the slate-blue Stealth Grey, which is exclusive to NISMO. The other two colours, Excellent Silver, Passion Pink, Black Diamond Pearl, and Everest White Pearl, are available on all Z trims.

The Z NISMO is a 2024 product that will go on sale, although the price has not yet been disclosed.